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spoon with dietary supplements on fruits backgroundThe rapidly expanding world of nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals can be a complex and confusing one for many. Here at, our goal is to simplify it for you and help you find the right natural supplements, treatments, and remedies for for your needs. Our objectives are:

  • Help you find the best health products for your health and fitness goals, based on age, gender, lifestyle and other variables. This includes natural medicine in form of medicinal herbs and foods.
  • Offer and updates on clean eating, including recipes we find, while also debunking a myth or two.
  • Keep you updated on what is currently happening in the world of supplements, fitness, and natural health and wellness.

Side note: This page is not for herbal remedies. For herbal remedies and alternative medicine go to Herbal Remedies and Ayurvedic Medicine (opens in a new page/tab).

Top Health Supplements for General Health and Wellness

The following supplements support general health and wellness. These help with:

  • Giving nutritional support to your organs
  • Preventing nutrient deficiency
  • Cleansing your system and release toxins
  • Boosting immune system
  • Burning of calories.
  • Slowing the aging process
  • Improving vitality

Here are our health and wellness supplements top picks:

Xtend-Life Multi-XtraXtend-Life Multi-Xtra: Xtend-Life is a name you will see many times on this site, simply because when it comes to natural supplements, few can if any can beat their quality. You will not see their products advertised on late TV commercials and the like; they let their products do the talking.

Your health supplements regimen should include a good multivitamin. Xtend-Life Multi-Xtra is a multivitamin made from mainly natural ingredients. And though it is not Xtend-Life’s top multi (see Multivitamin Review), it is our top choice because of quality and cost consideration. This product is not sold in stores.

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BioTrust OmegaKrill 5X: When it comes to omega-3 fatty acids supplement, you should not base your decision purely on cost. What is really important is the amount of omega-3 oils in the supplement . Not only that but also the levels of the two most important essential fatty acids, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Of the two, DHA is the more important one as it is said to support brain and cardiovascular function among other important health benefits. BioTrust OmegaKrill 5X DHA is a fish oil and krill oil blend that contains high levels of DHA plus EPA.

Your choice omega-3 product will not do you much good if it is not absorbed into your system. The VesiSorb® delivery system in this supplement ensures that the omega-3s are not broken down by stomach juices, thus maximizing absorption. This product is not sold in stores.

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NOW vitamin D-3NOW Vitamin D-3: One of the most recommended dietary supplements today is vitamin D. Strangely, it is one of the easiest to get but also one whose deficiency is most common. While it comes freely from sunshine, many of us do not spend enough time out in the sun to get it in optimal amounts. Things like climactic seasons, sunscreen, geographic location and even ethnicity also play a part.

Taking at least 1000 IU (international units) of vitamin D supplement is often recommended. The most active type of vitamin D supplement is vitamin D-3. NOW vitamin D-3 contains this vitamin from natural sources, without preservatives, colorings and other synthetic substances. It is also gluten-free.

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Essential Oils

Known and used for centuries in other parts of the world essential oils have only recently gained popularity in the West. Pick up any health and wellness magazine and you’re likely to come across something about them. But it can be a confusing world, with upwards of 300 different types of essential oils available today.

We have found the top essential oils that can help support your health and wellness goals.

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Muscle and Fitness Supplements

These are supplements that promote muscle growth and physical performance. Check out our Muscle & Fitness page for a list of top products of this category. Our top choices are:biotrust lowcarb

BioTrust Low Carb: Ask any person who with knowledgeable in sports and bodybuilding supplements what supplement you need most to enhance strength, muscle or performance and the answer most likely be “protein”. However, all protein supplements are not created equal.

BioTrust Low Carb is a natural and organic synergy of top quality fast-acting and slow-acting whey proteins. Plus digestive enzymes to enhance absorption and fiber. No growth hormones, antibiotics or artificial sweeteners.

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Cellucor C4 ExtremeCellucor C4 Extreme
: For people involved in intense exercise such as bodybuilding, weight lifting and sports that require bursts of power, what you eat before workout is crucial. You not only need energy, but also focus and endurance. Cellucor C4 Extreme is one of the most popular pre-workout supplements today.

This pre-workout supplement contains a synergy of compounds to help you blast through your workout, with both energy and focus.

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Optimum Nutrition creatineOptimum Nutrition Creatine
: When it comes to the effectiveness creatine, there is no shortage of contradicting views. Some say it’s the best thing since the barbell, others say it’s ineffective, while still others say it’s actually bad for you. The only way to find out where you stand is by testing it yourself and trying different brands. One of the most popular creatine brands is Optimum Nutrition Creatine.

This product is made with CreaPure Creatine, which is clean, colorless, odorless, and mixes easily with water or juice. Each serving supplies 5 grams of creatine.

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Optimum Nutrition Glutamine PowderOptimum Nutrition Glutamine
: One of the most important muscle building supplements also happens to be one of the most underrated. Perhaps it’s because glutamine, or l-glutamine, does not play a direct role in building muscle. Perhaps it’s because it is considered a “non-essential” amino acid since in normal circumstances the body can produce it in adequate amounts. But the intensity and rigors of bodybuilding and other high-intensity sports cannot be considered “normal” circumstances, which makes this supplement essential.

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How Our Supplement Reviews Are Written

Our emphasis is on quality natural supplements. We may feature more products from certain manufacturers than others, simply because that particular manufacturer has demonstrated quality consistency.

Other factors we look for include product safety, quality of ingredients, and of course effectiveness of each product. And, while we often quote scientific studies, we also know that they can sometimes be conflicting and confusing. Also, what might have worked in a controlled or laboratory setting might not work in the real world. So we also often go by feedback from real users, that is, people. This is especially so when it comes to sports supplements, where results can be felt or seen.

When it comes to your body and health, cheap or expensive is not the way to base your buying decision. That is why we emphasize on, again, value for money. You can almost always go wrong by going cheap, but you don’t always get the best by going expensive either. The bottom-line is, quality is matters over quantity. After all, this is stuff that you are putting into your body.

None of the statements on this page have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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