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Frankly, the term “leptin supplements” is a misnomer (though we shall use it here for simplicity). What leptin supplements are really supposed to do is to boost body’s natural leptin production or improve response. This hormone called leptin that can make or break your weight loss goals. How?

  • By making it increasingly hard to lose fat and causing you to hit weight loss plateaus
  • It may play a significant role in the regaining of weight lost after dieting, that many people experience

Why It Is So Hard To Lose Weight When Dieting

Frustrated woman on scaleOne of the reasons it can be so hard to lose weight when dieting is because the body misinterprets this as a threat. Since to lose weight you have to take in fewer calories than you expend (in energy), your body responds by making you hungrier. Your leptin levels fall and metabolism slows.

At this point, many simply start eating again to satiate the “hunger” that they feel. This often causes more weight gain, or regain of weight already lost. This often causes a weight-loss-weight-gain cycle that continues over and over.

The body may also go into a “starvation mode”, holding on to your fat stores in order to protect you. The result is progressive increase in difficulty to lose weight as well as weight loss plateaus.

By improving leptin receptors as well as leptin amounts, it may be possible to counteract the effects of dieting and therefore lose fat.

What Is Leptin And Why Is It So Important To Your Fat Loss Efforts?

Leptin is a protein (or hormone) made in the fat cells and secreted into the bloodstream, which takes it to the brain.[1] It signals your brain that it has had enough food, so you can stop eating, or eat less. Some studies suggest that it may also play an important role in metabolism.

It is not hard easy to see why there is so much interest in this hormone in regard to weight loss.

Though some literature says that it was first discovered in the 1990s, its effects were noted as far back as the 1950s.[2]

Clinical Trials: Can Leptin Supplements Actually Help You Lose Weight?

Though tests on obese mice showed significant weight loss after being given leptin, on humans it gets a little complicated. While some obese people did lose weight after leptin intake, a number of people experienced no benefit. What happened?

It turns out that some obese people actually have high levels of leptin in their bodies, but their brains were not receiving the signal to stop eating. The problem is referred to as leptin resistance.

A good leptin supplement should address both leptin levels as well as leptin resistance.

Best Leptin Supplements

So far we have found only one leptin supplement worth mentioning:

BioTrust LeptiBurn

biotrust-leptiburnBioTrust LeptiBurn addresses the challenges of fat loss in two ways:

  • It contains ingredients that may help increase leptin production
  • It also contains ingredients that may help improve leptin sensitivity (that is, lower leptin resistance)

This product contains:

Irvingia gabonensis: A West African fruit (extract) that has been found to aid weight loss as well as support leptin sensitivity by inhibiting production of a chemical in the body that known as C-reactive protein (CRP). CRP has been linked to leptin resistance.[3]

Oleanolic acid: Extracted from olive tree leaves, oleanolic acid has been found to have stimulatory effects on glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), a hormone shown to be beneficial in weight reduction.

Modifilan: A seaweed extract that may help increase leptin production by up to 18 percent, as well as stimulate thyroid gland, which in turn stimulates metabolism. Modifilan may also stimulate leptin production.

Panax notoginseng: Found to have metabolic properties that may also help naturally suppress appetite and improving leptin sensitivity.

Leptiburn also contains yerba mate and green tea extracts. These two compounds have been shown to increase resting metabolic rate as well as use fat for energy while decreasing appetite and increasing alertness.

While Leptiburn may not be a weight loss miracle product or panacea, each one of its ingredients sure does pack punch on its own. Together? Well, worth at least try.

Check Out Leptiburn Now | Read More About Leptiburn


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* None of the statements on this page have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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