Hoodia Reviews

Hoodia Reviews: Now Find The Most Effective Supplements

Who could have thought? The Bushmen of Southern Africa have given the world a fat loss product. It is called Hoodia gordinii, or simply Hoodia, and has been featured in major US TV shows such as Oprah and 60 Minutes.

Just What is Hoodia Gordonii?

hoodia plant in the wild Hoodia Gordonii is a supplement that derived from a cactus-like plant with the same name that grows in the desserts of Southern Africa. The natives of these areas, particularly the San Bushmen, have used this plant for thousands of years to fight off hunger, while maintaining energy, during extended periods of hunting.

Though it is widely reported that the “cactus” Hoodia Gordonii grows naturally in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa, it also grows in the Namib Desert of Namibia, also in the Southern African region.

South Africa is credited to bringing it to the “outside” world through research and making it commercially available. And no, they did not discover it by accident. South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) discovered it while studying the eating habits of the Bushmen and then isolated the ingredient responsible for appetite-suppressing effect (now known as P57).

Hoodia Gordonii now is a protected plant and harvesting regulated. For this reason, Hoodia supplements are not cheap.

How Does Hoodia Work?

As in the case of the San Bushmen who used it to fight off hunger, Hoodia works by suppressing hunger, while boosting metabolism and energy. Though there are different types of Hoodia, only one type has the active ingredient, which the researchers dubbed P57.

You need to take the real powder, not extracts that come in cheaper supplements. Hoodia works by helping you taking in less food without feeling hungry or weak. Less food means fewer calories, which results in fat loss. It also helps burn more fat by boosting metabolism.

How Long Does it Take to Start Working?

While it has been touted as a miracle weight-loss supplement in certain quarters, we shall not do so here. Hoodia is not a magic pill.

While it will help curb your appetite almost immediately, like any other supplement you should give Hoodia Gordinii a fair chance by taking it consistently as recommended for a reasonable stretch of time (30 days or more). Of course, everybody is different and it should not be expected to work exactly the same way for every person

Supplements are meant to augment a good, sensible diet not to substitute for a poor diet. Some suppliers offer a full money back guarantee if you use as recommended and find it’s not working for you.

Top Hoodia Supplements

Though you can purchase Hoodia Gordonii as a dietary supplement from various stores online and offline, beware of scam companies selling “Hoodia” supplements that are fake, diluted or do not contain the active ingredients of the real plant. What you want is 100% certified South African Hoodia. Such as the following:

Unique Hoodia

The makers of UniqueHoodia™ claim that this product is made from 100% hoodia, not just extract. Benefits include:

  • uniquehoodia 100% real Hoodia Gordonii from the core of the plant; no fillers or additives
  • 90 Hoodia capsules: most companies have 60
  • Contains Bioperine for 30% faster absorption
  • 6 months money back guarantee if not satisfied

UniqueHoodia Ingredients:

  • 1485mg Hoodia Gordoni per serving: Claimed to be the highest in the market
  • Gelatin Capsule

Unique Hoodia comes in a box of 90 capsules, 30 more than most similar products. Also, though it does not contain other ingredients each dose contains more Hoodia than most of if not all other the other products at 465mg per serving. The supplier claims to test work closely with users to come up with the most optimum amount per serving. They also have the strongest guarantee: six months long.

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Hoodia Gordonii Plus

Hoodia Gordonii Plus Hoodia Gordonii plus contains 100% certified and authenticated South African Hoodia, plus other weight loss ingredients in a synergistic combo that makes this product top choice.

  • Real, organic Hoodia, approved by the Western Cape Conservation Authority of South Africa, and is certified to be 100% authentic.
  • Contains multiple proprietary digestive enzymes to support more effective absorption
  • 3 months guarantee get a full refund if not satisfied
  • Comes with a free trial

Hoodia Gordonii Plus Ingredients:

  • 400mg Hoodia per serving
  • Magnesium, 250mg: an essential mineral your body need to produce energy and up to 300 different enzymes
  • Garcina Cambogia (brindleberry) Extract, 50mg: An ephedra-free herb used to aid weight loss.
  • Green Tea Extract 50%, 50mg: Reputed to be helpful in weight control, lowering cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and general body immunity

Combined with a sensible diet, Hoodia Gordonii Plus will help curb your appetite, boost your metabolism and energy, and therefore losing excessive fat.

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Is Hoodia Safe?

There is one problem so far with Hoodia: though it has been used by the African tribesmen for years without problems or side effect, it has not been enough extensive tests done as supplement. There are no known side effects and so far there are no known cases or reports of problems caused by its use, so in that sense it is safe.

Who Should Not Take Hoodia?

You should consult your before doctor, or stop taking Hoodia if you:

  • Are pregnant, suspect or could become pregnant
  • Are breastfeeding
  • Have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart or respiratory condition
  • Have a diagnosed or suspected eating disorder
  • Have a liver condition or disease
  • Have a bleeding or clotting disorder
  • develop a rash or other unwanted effect after taking the product
  • So far there is no information regarding the use of Hoodia by children. Do not give any supplement to a child without consulting a pediatric doctor.

* None of the statements on this page have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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