High Protein Cookie

A Healthier Way to Snack

chocolate chip cookiesLove cookies? Wish there was a healthy, guilt-free way to indulge in these "forbidden" delights? Wish no more as healthy, high protein cookies that also taste great are finally here. We shall look at some of the best brands and flavors below.

Many health-conscious people including bodybuilders and other athletes know the importance of protein in the diet. Health stores and health aisles in grocery stores and pharmacies fill the shelves of all kinds of protein powders and bars. However, one of the most convenient and easy ways of getting protein is often overlooked: the protein cookie.

A high protein cookie comes in handy and can be used in various ways including:

  • Easy to carry your gym bag and munch immediately after workout
  • Makes for a quick and healthy meal when you are on the go
  • Can be used as a healthy snack between meals
  • Makes a healthy dessert

Cookies also have certain advantages over protein bars and powders. These include:

  1. Unlike bars, cookies will not become a gooey mess in warm weather
  2. Unlike shakes, cookies are less likely to freeze in cold weather
  3. No need for shaker or blender

What Makes for a Good Protein Cookie?

A good high protein cookie should:

  • Taste great: You should be able to enjoy eating it! Your mouth should water from thinking about it, just like your favorite brand or mom’s oven-baked cookies.
  • Contain natural ingredients: Artificial sweeteners and colors do little to improve your health. In fact, some of these can be really bad for you.
  • Contain quality ingredients: Cheap protein sources such as genetically modified (GMO) soy should be avoided.

Best High Protein Cookie Brands

biotrust protein cookiesMaking a high protein cookie that also tastes like a real cookie has proved to be a quite challenge for most nutritional supplements makers. Most simply end up with a dry, and gooey mess. But we have come across one cookie that passes the test of both taste and quality; BioTrust Protein Cookie.

With the addition of their delicious protein chocolate chip cookie, this one is available two flavors:

  • Chewy chocolate chip
  • Frosted oatmeal raisin

This cookie is made with high quality, all natural ingredients. Here’s what you get (or don’t get) from this cookie.

  • 12 grams of high-quality, time-released protein per cookie sourced from grass-fed cows that are raised without hormones or antibiotics.
  • 100% natural ingredients: No synthetic sweeteners, or sweeteners or flavors
  • 6 grams of fiber per cookie
  • No trans fats
  • Sweetened naturally with Stevia
  • No wheat
  • Gluten free

The makers of these cookies went to great lengths to make a protein cookie that actually tastes like a cookie. BitoTrust protein cookie is also kosher and vegetarian friendly. And if for any reason you don’t like it, you are covered by a 100% money back guarantee.

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