Green Coffee Bean Extract

Where to Buy Green Coffee Bean Supplements and What to Look For

The popularity green coffee bean extract (GCBE) supplements exploded in the US after being featured in the popular Dr. Oz Show. As with anything really popular, the good, the bad and the downright ugly soon immerged. Today, many poor quality products are flooding the market. Here we shall look at how and where to buy green coffee bean extract, and including prices of some top products.

Just What Is Green Coffee?

Well, green coffee is coffee produced from raw beans that have not been roasted.[1] Surprisingly, some cultures of Asia (what is it with that continent?) since as far back as 1100 AD.

Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Being a relatively new entrant to the supplements world, studies are still under way to unearth the benefits of green coffee bean extract. However, what is already known is enough to cause excitement. Roasting coffee kills most of the chlorogenic acid, which is why just drinking coffee does not offer similar benefits, especially for fat loss.

  • Weight loss: This is the most exciting benefit, for obvious reasons. The chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans may inhibit the uptake of glucose, fats, and carbohydrates, thus help you lose weight. In one study, a group of overweight or obese people lost an average of 17 pounds of body weight after consuming green coffee extract each day for 22 weeks, without any change of diet.[2]
  • Antioxidant: Not only is chlorogenic acid potentially beneficial for weight loss, it is also a powefful anti-oxidant. Green coffee also contains caffeic acid, yet another anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants help fight free radicals that may contribute to aging, heart disease and cancer, among other health problems.
  • Cardiovascular health: A study involving 117 males with mild hypertension showed significant improvement in those taking GCBE compared to the placebo.[3]

Side Effects

Being a natural product made from something regularly and widely consumed, green coffee bean extract is safe for most people. There are no known side effects. That is, unless you have an individual allergy to coffee or derivatives. However, you should avoid these supplements if you are pregnant or nursing. Supplements are also available in decaffeinated forms.

What to Look For In a Supplement

After testing eight randomly chosen coffee bean supplements, a report showed four of them did not contain a sufficient amount of the active ingredient needed to be effective for losing fat. One product did not contain any at all![4] This is a compound known as chlorogenic acid. You should look for this on the product label, as well as quantity. The supplement should contain at least 45% chlorogenic acid. This may be listed as Svetol® or GCA® (green coffee antioxidant).

If no ingredients are listed on the label… don’t buy!

Next is the manufacturer’s reputation. And while not everything that comes from China is garbage, you may want to choose products that made in the US (if you live in America).

Also, quality and cheap are not good bed-fellows. It is okay, even encouraged, to look for lower prices (that’s why we offer price comparisons). But never compromise on quality. You will not get the results you seek if the product is of low quality and, worse, it could end up harming you.


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* None of the statements on this page have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult a healthcare professional before starting a new supplement especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have known health condition or on medications.

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