“That guy doesn’t save a penny”, I once overheard a good friend of mine saying about me. He was giving words of wisdom to another good friend that we shared, about the virtues of saving. But it is what came next that really pissed me off.

“He spends all his money on bodybuilding supplements”, continued my good friend. This is what ticked me off. Yes, I was at the time usually broke. And yes, I was spending a good chunk of money on health supplements. But what my good friend (I don’t mean that sarcastically) forgot to consider was that I had two kids to support single-handedly, while he had none.

My friend also forgot to mention that, at the time, he was driving a brand new car on loan, while I was driving a used one that I owned outright. By driving a nice new car, he was doing what made him happy. By me buying those supplements and bursting my butt in the gym, I was doing what made me happy. Of course, while he was building good credit by making the car payments, I was not doing so. But I looked better and I was healthier.

Yet, that very friend often would ask me advice about the best supplements for virtually everything from muscle building to weight gain and weight loss et al. I couldn’t help noticing that these questions usually increased each time he saw a fine girl eyeing me or paying more than passing attention to me (wink, wink).

Indeed, there are some things “normal” people will never fathom. One these is passion. One of my great passions is being good health and pumping iron at the gym. Health supplements are simply an integral in the equation.

Well, my friend was not altogether wrong. Looking back, I know that I have spent excessive amounts of money on needless and worthless supplements. There were times that I would spend the equivalent of a car payment’s worth (on a very nice automobile)  in dollars each month. Passion can be expensive. But this is not the issue.

The issue is that half of the stuff I bought I didn’t really need. Most of it was latest-fad, hyped up junk. I learnt the hard way. That’s why started this site; to offer vitamins and health supplements information and help others avoid spending their hard-earned cash on worthless junk.

Yours truly,

David G Kamau

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