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How to Increase Your Pull Ups Easily and Quickly? Watch

Ah, the pull up! Everyone who’s been in the gym for more than a day knows how great they are. No better exercise to help sculpt your upper body for that coveted lean and mean look. V-shape for the guys and hour-glass shape for the ladies. And get well-defined biceps and back, and a strong core overall.

But boy, are they hard to do! I came across a video that just might help you go from zero to hero of the pull up. Watch below and put the tips into action. Soon you just might be the guy or gal others in the gym look at in awe as you crank out multiple reps and sets of pull ups, with apparent ease.

How to Increase Your Pull Ups

To Increase Pull Ups, Do the Right Basic Movements

Pull ups are the mother of upper body exercises. They say these are what separates the men from the boys in the gym – I’d like to add the women from the girls just for balance, but that doesn’t really read well. I’ve been working out (lifting, to be more precise) for over two decades. Yet I still find pull ups challenging.

And I agree with the video presenter; the chin and dip machine doesn’t really help much. Been there, done that. The seated pulldown doesn’t transfer into a pull up that well either.

Well, I’m starting over. I’ll use the tips in the video, so I can increase my pull up reps. I may finally be able to add a few tricks to them like some guys I envy at gym.

I read a lot about exercise, nutrition and, of course, supplements. But I didn’t even know that the pull up involves two movements which look like one due to fluidity of execution. Well, you’re never too old to learn something new.

I can’t help but wish I’d come across the above video sooner. But late beats never, right?

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Increase Your Pull Ups
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