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This Metabolic Type Quiz Will Show You How to Lose Weight

I did this simple quiz to test what type of metabolic type I am. The result? Spot on! I’m a metabolic type A, which requires more protein, slightly less fat (but more than carbs), and even less carbs. And I have found that I tend to lose fat more easily when I cut down carbs. This is generally the ketogenic (and Atkins) diet is about. And many people, including me, find that it works.

Many people, I included, struggle with weight. A common mistake to weight loss is the one size fits all approach that doesn’t take one’s individual body type into consideration. Recent findings favor a customized approach to weight loss. However, the cost for this may be out of reach for most of us.

Knowing your metabolic type may be the next best thing. You can start with this simple quiz.

Image: adapted from quiz

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