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7 Tips to Stick to Your Health and Fitness Resolutions

gym shot - running machinesJanuary is the busiest month for gyms in America, if not around the world. This is because health and fitness new year resolutions are among the most popular. They are good resolutions, except that they tend to pitter out sooner rather than later. So, what can you do to stick to your health and fitness resolutions? Let’s look at some tips:

1. Be clear about your goals: Saying something like “I want to lose weight” is just too vague. Your goals should be specific but realistic (see #2 below). Then, break it down into smaller daily actions.

2. Make realistic goals: You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t place limits on yourself. Well, this does not mean you shouldn’t know your limits. If it feels too hard, go slightly easier while ensuring it’s still challenging you. Otherwise, you’ll find all kinds of excuse not to do it again tomorrow.

3. Make plans: You’ve probably heard that not planning is planning to fail. You should have plans for what you will do on a daily basis. And stick to them. An example would be a meal plan. For me, what has worked is to prepare meals for several days. This helps eliminate the need for ordering that last-minute pizza on days you don’t feel like cooking. If you must eat out, you can opt for healthier choices such as salad.

4. Remember you are your own competition: You make a great body one workout at a time, one meal at a time, one day at a time. Those sculpted gym members too started from day one. Focus on yourself. And now. But keep your goal in mind. The rest will follow naturally.

5. No such thing as failure: At times it may feel like you’re about to fail. Like no progress is taking place. You will hit plateaus. Knowing this will happen is the first step toward overcoming it. Remember slow progress is better than no progress.

6. Avoid fad diets: They are called fad diets for a reason. Steer clear of them. Work with a nutritionist or dietician if you can. But the important thing is to eat a healthy, balanced diet, and observe portion control.

7. Fall in love with the process: If you fall in love with the process, the results will follow. And it will not seem like work. Plus, you can’t just stop doing something you love. Plus, you’ll love it even more when the results begin to show.

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