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Men: Use These Natural Herbs to Boost Sexual Performance

Alternative MedicineMany men are seeking ways to enhance their sexual performance. And for good reason: we are always in competition, real or imagined, with other men. It is therefore not just those with issues such as erectile dysfunction who seek ways to boost libido. In this post, we shall look at natural herbs, spices, and to boost sexual performance.

Male Sexual Dysfunction

There are many causes of male sexual dysfunction. This is a complex topic that is beyond the scope of this post. However, we shall briefly look at the causes, particularly of the most common problem which is erectile dysfunction.

The most common reason is the age-related hormonal changes. It is when testosterone levels in the blood gradually drop decreasing libido and sexual performance.

The other prevalent reason for erectile dysfunction is stress in both physical and mental forms. Obesity, high blood pressure, excessive alcohol use, and medical conditions such as diabetes can be other causes for erection issues.

Other Male Sexual Performance Issues

Beside erectile dysfunction and issues related to libido and arousal, other male issues include:

  • Endurance: How long you can stay “up” as well as how long you can last through sexual activity.
  • Recovery: This refers to something known as refractory period, which basically means how soon you can be able to “go again”.

These sexual performance issues are as crucial to a satisfying sexual experience and relationship as the issue of arousal. This is because having one or more of these issues negatively impacts sexual experience and ability to satisfy your partner.

Many men who take prescription drugs for impotence, experience certain side effects. These is why they prefer to turn into natural supplements and herbs to improve their sex life, before taking the medication route.

Unlike prescription drugs, natural supplements have minimal to no significant side effects. Natural elements can help increase energy as well as to maintain an active sexual life.

Side note: You will come across the word “motility” in this post. This is the ability of an organism or fluid to move (in this case sperm or semen).

Supplements, Herbs and Spices for Greater Sexual Performance

Below, we look at some most effective natural supplements proven to enhance male sexual performance. Consult your physician before incorporating any natural or herbal additives to your diet.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) is a small palm tree native to the southeastern United States. Its fruit is used to make medicine. Native Americans used its berries to treat urinary infections and reproductive issues. Nowadays, people frequently use them to treat symptoms of enlarged prostate glands known as benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH).

Additionally, they are used as treatments for cough, indigestion, sleeping problems, and infertility. Saw Palmetto is available in the form of liquid tablets, capsules, and tea. It helps to increase the sperm count and sex drive. It may also promote hair growth, and help treat prostate cancer, and fight inflammation.

Saw Palmetto works by stopping the breakdown of the male hormone testosterone. When the levels of testosterone in the body are low, men have a low sex drive. Thus, by stopping the testosterone breakdown, Saw Palmetto works to increase the libido.

Panax Ginseng

Panax ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) is a plant root traditionally used in Chinese medicine. It is a well-respected supplement among Chinese and Western herbalists. It is an adaptogen. In other words, it helps the body adapt to both physical and mental stress. Traditional uses of a panax ginseng included as a memory booster, improving appetite, and as an energy booster.

Ancient Chinese believed that ginseng improves sexual performance in both women and men. They used panax ginseng as an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction or impotence. They claimed that using a panax ginseng can help a man to have firmer a longer lasting erection.

In modern Chinese medicine, panax ginseng is also used for fertility. It may promote higher sperm count and increases motility of semen. Additionally, the ginseng can help with the premature ejaculation. The NIH claims that a combination of herbs including panax ginseng can help treat premature ejaculation.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed is another traditional remedy used by Chinese for centuries. They use it for fatigue, pain, low libido, and inability to get and maintain an erection. People who take Horny Goat weed claim that it is a natural alternative for erectile dysfunction drugs.

Lab studies indicate that the compound present in horny goat weed blocks the effects of the enzyme that restricts the flow of blood to the penile shaft. Although there is no established daily dose for the herb, it is suggested to take between 6 and 15 grams of product per day.

Horny Goat weed is not present in food, so the only source to obtain it is to take it as an herbal supplement. Supplements are available in form of tablet, capsule, powder, or tea.

Ginkgo Biloba

Although ginkgo biloba is famous as a memory enhancer, it has many other benefits. As a natural testosterone booster, ginkgo is claimed to be effective in treating premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction. The supplement comes in the form of both extract and capsules.

Ginkgo biloba extract may improve blood flow to the penis and influence nitric oxide, which is associated with vasodilation, which is dilation of blood vessels. Flavonoids present in ginkgo biloba may help to increase the blood circulation to the penis, thus causing a stronger erection.

The herb also helps with lowering cortisol levels in the blood. The cortisol is a stress hormone that blocks the testosterone function. So, by reducing cortisol levels, testosterone may function better and improve libido.

Maca Root

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a root vegetable known as Peruvian ginseng. Because of its energy boosting properties, maca is a stamina enhancer. Currently, many athletes add maca to their shakes and smoothies as an energy booster. Not only it is an effective adaptogen, but it also is an aphrodisiac and a libido enhancer.

Studies show that maca use could affect the sperm quality and enhance fertility. It is said to increase the motility of spermatozoa as well as the volume of the sperm. However, it does not appear to affect the testosterone levels in the blood. Maca may help relieve stress and boost libido in men and women of menopause age.

Maca root comes in different colors: red, purple, and yellow. The quality of one colored maca is not superior to another. You can get maca in powder form or in capsules. Maca powder can be mixed in drinks or added to food. The optimal amount to take maca root as a supplement is between 1500-2000 mg a day.


Many people know about the herb fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) as a breast milk production stimulant. However, it also works as an excellent sexual enhancer for man, and may help increase the testosterone levels, sperm motility and count.

A study was conducted on 60 men aged from 25 to 52. The test group took fenugreek two times a day for six weeks. The control group received a placebo. At the end of the study, men of both groups answered the survey questions. The results demonstrated that those who took the fenugreek pills reported libido increase by 16 to 28%. The control group did not report any changes.

Saponin compounds, present in the fenugreek, may increase the male sex hormones including the testosterone. The fenugreek has a distinct smell of maple, and people taking the herb can smell the characteristic odor through their sweat.


Yohimbine, or yohimbe, is a bark of the tree Pausinystalia yohimbe native to Central Africa, that is touted to increase libido and improve weak performance in men. It is one of the most popular herbal medicine for erectile dysfunction. Although females can take it for an energy lift, it works best for men with erectile dysfunction caused by physical stress.

Yohimbine has been shown to improve the circulation of blood to the genital area. It dilates the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. Then, it enlarges the vessels of the reproductive organs and forces blood flow to genitals. While aroused, it sustains an erection by causing compression on the vessels and prevents the blood backflow from the penis.

Like other herbal supplements, Yohimbine is also associated with other benefits for the body. It may help decrease the stress levels, fights against colds and common flu.


DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone produced by your body’s adrenal glands. As a supplement, DHEA is well known in the muscle and strength building sports circles, such as bodybuilding and weight lifting. Some studies show that DHEA may increase libido in women and helps erectile dysfunction in men. It does this by stimulating blood vessels to open wider, thus increasing blood flow to the genitals.

DHEA has been helpful for treating erectile dysfunction for men with diabetes, because it may improve blood flow as well help restore hormonal balance. DHEA supplements are made from yam or soy.

Rhodiola Rosea

Commonly known as rose root, roseroot, or golden root, Rhodiola rosea is a flowering plant native to the arctic regions. It is also referred to simply as rhodiola. It is associated with a number of health benefits including combating stress and reducing stress. It may therefore aid in boosting stress-related libido.


L-arginine, or simply arginine, is another supplement that is well-known in the muscle and strength building circles. It is an amino acid found naturally in your body, that helps make nitric oxide (NO). L-arginine is one of the most extensively studied supplements for erectile dysfunction and other conditions.

One study involving 40 men aged 25-45 years investigated the possibility of overcoming erectile dysfunction (ED) by increasing the amounts of nitric oxide in the body. Participants were orally administered L-arginine and Pycnogenol® (a natural compound also known to increase production of nitric oxide).

The researchers conclude that oral administration of L-arginine in combination with Pycnogenol® causes a significant improvement in sexual function in men with ED without any side effects.

Lifestyle: It Is About More Than Just Herbs and Supplements

As you can see, having a condition that inhibits normal sexual life is not a verdict. Natural options can help to improve sexual health, performance and therefore intimacy experience. The use of natural products and supplements is preferred over the use of prescription drugs, though drugs do have their role and may be the only option in some cases.

Other steps you can take to improve your sexual life include healthy eating, exercise, and adequate sleep. The human growth hormone that helps to balance the hormones and increase testosterone is generated during deep sleep. To have a good sex life for longer than average one needs to find the best tools and apply them in everyday life. Make sure to get all the benefits that the nature provided.

Finding the Right Supplements

You may be able to find the above herbs and supplements for sexual performance as standalone products, or as ingredients in synergistic blends or combinations. The most important thing is to find something that works for you, which may require some trials.

We have to point out that sexual performance supplements are among the top targets for scam product-manufacturers, along with weight loss and muscle building. Also, Spiked supplements, that contain undisclosed pharmaceutical additives, have been found being sold as “all natural”.

Ensure to get your supplements from reputable manufacturers, and always read the labels so you know what you’re getting including amounts.


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