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Are You Taking Spiked Supplements?

Are You Taking Spiked SupplementsNot all supplements are created equal. Some work well. Maybe a little too well. In the quest for non-drug solutions for certain health issues, or enhancement of certain natural abilities, many people are turning to health supplements. But beware, spiked supplements are not all that uncommon.

I recall, back in my younger days, a protein supplement known as Myoplex, that is still available today. Made by EAS (Experimental and Applied Sciences), this supplement was extremely popular for one reason; it worked. The fact that it tasted great too – especially in my favorite strawberry flavor – was icing on the cake. But competitors were not happy with its success.

Soon, some of EAS’s competitors started rumors that Myoplex worked so well because it was spiked with steroids. Of course, this was not true. But let’s get back to topic.

The issue of spiked supplements keeps popping up in the health news circles. We previously posted an report about erectile dysfunction supplements found to contain Viagra ingredients and another about a bodybuilding supplements boss who pleaded guilty for spiked supplements. This is an on-going issue with no end in sight.

Study Finds More Adulterated Supplements in The Market

The recent review study examined nearly 800 dietary supplements, generally referred to as “vitamins”, and found that many of them contained undisclosed ingredients. The study is published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Now, undisclosed ingredients are not all that uncommon. Some ingredients may be claimed as “trade secrets”. The problem is when the supplements are claimed to be all-natural when sometimes they are not. But it gets worse.

Many of the supplements the researchers looked at were found to contain traces of prescription drugs. About 20 percent of these contained more than one potentially harmful ingredient.

Among the drugs found in some supplements include sildenafil (branded as Viagra) for sexual enhancement, sibutramine and phenolphthalein for weight loss (both banned in the USA), and steroids in muscle building products.

Misleading consumers into believing a product to be natural when it’s not is bad enough. What’s worse is that some consumers may already be on medication that may interact with the drugs they would be unknowingly taking.

Moreover, some consumers may be taking excess doses of drugs whose ingredients are in the supplements, if they’re already on those drugs.

Types of Supplements Most Likely to Be Spiked

As we have mentioned this in previous posts, certain groups of supplements are more likely to be adulterated. These tend to be high-passion ones, such as those meant for sexual enhancement, weight loss, and muscle building.

Think of it this way; if it’s something whose user likely wants fast results, it is a good candidate for adulteration. Your vitamin pill is not likely to be spiked, but that muscle building supplement could be.

Is There A Way to Avoid Taking Spiked Supplements?

Being that the manufacturers of spiked supplements are already playing you, and taking a chance with the law, avoiding these is not easy. I’m an avid label-reader, but if something is not disclosed there is no way for me to know it’s there.

Your best bet is to go with reputable manufacturers of nutritional supplements, including herbal supplements. This is especially important when it comes to the high-passion interests we mentioned earlier; sexual enhancement, muscle building, and weight loss.

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