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Motivation Tuesday: Bruce Lee the Man Who Overcame Great Obstacles to Become a Fitness Legend (Watch)

Millennials may not know about him (a few would). But without Bruce Lee (November 27, 1940 – July 20, 1973), the worlds of fitness and martial arts would not be what they are today. My objective was to post something about him on the anniversary of his death on July 20 but got sidetracked by life’s vicissitudes. But late than never, right?

Now, Bruce Lee may have taken the martial arts and fitness worlds by storm, but it didn’t happen overnight, and it certainly wasn’t easy. Watch this video:

When a great success suddenly appears it’s usually as though they sprout out of nowhere. We can’t help but think, “I wish I could do that”. What we don’t know about is the years, blood and sweat that is behind the “sudden” success.

Bruce Lee went through his own trials and tribulations and had to overcome great obstacles to become the martial arts and fitness (in his time he was known as the fittest man in the world).

Bruce Lee: Like the Chinese Bamboo?

Allow me to use the example of the Chines bamboo tree (incidentally, Bruce Lee was Chinese). The tree grows up to 80 feet in the space of six weeks! If you happened to be around at this time you would be astounded, by you would see. It’s like magic happening before your very eyes. But the real story runs much deeper, where you cannot see.

You see, during the first five years of growth, the Chinese bamboo shows no signs of activity or growth above the soil. But, like any other plant, it still requires fertile soil, water, sunshine, tending and nurturing. Yet very little seems to be happening at this stage. Then the “miracle” happens.

To cut a long story short, the Chines bamboo appears to just shoot upward. Where there was hardly any visible activity “suddenly” appears a tree 80 feet tall. What just happened?

Well, all this time the tree has been growing its roots deep down in order to sustain the heights it “knows” it will grow to.

It is the same with life and its aspects including fitness, career, and all. The struggles, even pain, we go through while growing roots are not apparent. But then when we shoot up, others can only stare in amazement at our meteoric rise. Like that of Bruce Lee. Okay, our rise may not always be as meteoric, nor as high as Bruce Lee’s. But it’s always good and worth it when it happens.

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