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Gym Assault: Please Don’t Do This in The Gym! (Watch)

I read somewhere that grunting is not allowed in one of the popular chain gyms. Right away I thought, “Well, that sucks”. Why? Because, having trained in hardcore gyms and as far as I know, grunting and intense training go together. It’s one of noises heard in the gym, along with yelling and clunking of weights.

Granted, some people can take the grunting and yelling a little too far. Drama queens are everywhere, gym included. Which can be annoying for sure. One guy decided an example of himself on how not to handle such matters. Watch video below:

Grunting, yelling, cursing, even loud (accidental) farting… I’ve seen it all. It’s all in the name of that one more rep and/or few more pounds on the bar. Which is what makes the difference between those who grow and those who wish they could.

To some, the noises are nothing but extreme irritants. Many will simply suck it up. A few will let you know somehow, usually subtly. The nut in the video chose assault. And in mid-lift!

What’s worse is that the victim had done practically everything he could to reduce the noise. He placed pads under the barbell to deaden the noise. There’s only so much you can do to reduce the noise of the weights. The clunking can be minimized by using bumper (rubber-covered) plates. Thudding can be reduced by using pads, as our victim teenage friend did. But noise can’t be completely eliminated unless working out in a vacuum. Plus, the victim didn’t yell or grunt (and I’m fairly certain he didn’t fart either).

I’ve had gym novices walk directly through my range of motion while I’m doing dumbbell side raises, interrupting my set and focus. This is extremely irritating, but not necessarily dangerous.

And it’s usually unintentional. What the assailant in the video did was deliberate and downright dangerous. It is inexcusable.

The assailant was reportedly banned from the gym. And he deserves it.

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