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Olive Oil: Can This Superfood Help You Live Longer?

could olive oil help you live longerOlive oil is one of the main components of the Mediterranean diet. The diet has been linked to several health benefits including lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and heart health. The people of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus are said to live an average of 10 years longer. This longevity is linked to their high consumption of olive oil. Watch this video:

Olive Oil Use: Beyond Oral Consumption

Olive oil has been used in many other ways beyond oral consumption. It is a common ingredient is skin care products, soaps, and cosmetics. It is also used in hair care, and as a natural teeth-whitening product.

Olive oil has very strong religious symbolism. All the three Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) have used the oil for centuries in their rites. It has been used to anoint and bless people, including kings and prophets, as well as objects including buildings.

Should You Buy Cyprian Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Unfortunately, due to its popularity questionable people can and do cut corners, resulting in lower quality products on the market. Adulterated olive oil is one of most commonly reported food scams.

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Also, many people get confused when it comes to getting the right type of olive oil, as there are several grades one can choose from.

Experts often recommend extra virgin olive oil. This is the highest grade, and the one recommended in the video. Still, many low-quality oils are often passed off as extra virgin olive oil. You’re better off getting a different grade of real olive oil than an adulterated “extra virgin”.

For many of us, the budget for Cyprian extra virgin olive oil featured in the video just may be out of reach. And you need to use the oil regularly to reap the long-term benefits.

Plus, understanding olive oil grades can be a little complicated. What with the different grades and different recommended ways to use each. Just keep it simple and go for a quality product from a reputable manufacturer. The oil should be natural, cold-pressed, and organic, without additives. Avoid refined varieties as they may have been chemically processed and may contain additives.

We shall be looking a little deeper into this in a future post.

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