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People Are Running to Take Out Trash in a New Fitness Craze

Plogging: new fitness trend combines running and taking out trashThey have a name for it, ‘plogging’. Whether it will eventually make it into the English dictionary… well, only time can tell. Only time, too, whether the new trend of running to take out trash is just that; a trend that will sooner or later fade away and disappear. But just what is ‘plogging’ and does it work?

Side note: The image above doesn’t accurately illustrate the ‘plogging’ concept.

They say one man’s trash is another’s treasure. But could one man’s trash be another’s fitness? This seems to be the case when it comes to the new fitness trend said to have started in Sweden. Not surprising, as Sweden is one of the most efficient countries when it comes to recycling.

That some are calling ‘plogging’ a craze means it’s popularity is somewhere up there. There is even a fitness app to track your progress and has its own hashtag (those words or phrases preceded by the # sign) on social media.

The ‘plogging’ concept is rather simple, you jog and pick up trash on your way. You’re cleaning the environment while keeping fit, therefore it’s for a good course.

And if you want to make it a little more challenging, you can add lunges and squats when you stop to pick up the garbage. In fact, this is what you’re supposed to do instead of simply bending over to pick up the trash. And, the best way would be to squat or lunge when picking up each piece of trash, as opposed to grabbing all pieces together as in “conventional” trash collecting.

What if the guy or gal ahead of you cleaned out and left nothing for you to collect? Well, take heart for you’re still getting fit and there almost certainly be more trash tomorrow. You may want to start earlier beat that jerk and get some sweet revenge. Who said revenge can’t be healthy?

As with virtually anything else, the best way to succeed is to have fun. I can see my friend Bob, a fitness buff with (undiagnosed) borderline OCD who just can’t stand the sight of a debris on the ground, loving this one.

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