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15 Useful Gift Ideas for Fitness Buffs That They Will Love

gift ideas for fitness buffsFinding the perfect gift or Christmas gift can be a challenge. You want to find something that the person will appreciate if not love, and possibly useful. Knowing what the person loves can make it much easier to get the right gift. For a fitness buff, you already have this part is already cut out for you. In this post we look at useful gift ideas for fitness buffs.

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1. Active Wear

For the fitness fanatic, good fitting and comfortable clothes are super important. Think sweat suits, sweat pants, sports bras, capris… you’re only limited by your imagination. Of course, think also of the person’s activity: you don’t want to get yoga pants for someone who loves to lift.

Check out active wear at Amazon

2. Adjustable Dumbbells

adjustable dumbbellsA home gym is a nice thing to have, but not all of us have the room for all those dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbell plates. Many people have a pair of dumbbells and that’s all. While this is better than nothing, it doesn’t allow for progressive increase in resistance, or different weights for different muscle groups.

With adjustable dumbbell weights or blocks that you can increase or decrease the weight in a jiffy. Not only can these save time, but also room as well as reducing clatter.

This popular adjustable dumbbells pair ranges from 5 to 52.5 pounds, in 2.5 pounds increments up to 25 pounds. Comes with a two-year warranty.

3. Ropeless Jump Rope

ropeless jump ropeI love to jump rope. It is a quick (and fun) way to break a sweat without leaving the house, and great when time is an issue. Many sports people swear by rope jumping for exercise, including boxers.

All the same, not everybody jump rope well. The risk of tripping is never far away, especially for the elderly and those with certain health and/balance issues. Plus, it can be noisy too due to the whizzing sound of the rope. Ropeless jump rope (aka skipping rope) can help eliminate these issues.

Also called “cordless” jump ropes, these are handles that have dangling weights tied to a short cord that simulates the feel of a moving rope, so it feels like you are actually jumping rope. Some even have calorie counters. Others are additionally weighted for increased load and challenge.

4. Yoga Kit

yoga kitFor the yoga fan on your list, you can’t fail with a yoga set, also called yoga kit. There are yoga kits for beginners as well as for more advanced practitioners. A typical kit contains a yoga mat, towel, blocks, and straps and possibly other items.

Yoga sets come in different colors. They make a relatively low-cost gift that the recipient is almost guaranteed to love. Some kits are made for easy carrying.

5. Protein Pancake Mix

met-rx high protein pancake mixBeing consumable, this is a gift that won’t last. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be appreciated. Almost everybody I know loves pancakes. Why not tasty pancakes that will also support your fitness goals?

I’ve actually tried this high protein pancake mix and it is really good.

6. Activity Tracker

waterproof fitness trackerAmong gift ideas for fitness buffs, this one in a no-brainer (but I thought I should mention it anyway). Also called fitness trackers, activity trackers have become almost an addiction to some fitness nerds. Used right, they can actually help one reach their fitness goals and improve on them even as some have questioned their effectiveness.

The good thing is that activity trackers are getting smaller and smarter. Gone are they days you had to strap a cumbersome device on your upper arm.

This wristband waterproof wireless Bluetooth fitness tracker has 14 training modes, calorie counter and monitors heartrate, and sleep among other features.

7. Sweatproof Wireless Headphones

sweatproof cordless earphonesYou’ve probably seen these guys and gals in the gym. They put earphones in their ears thus shutting out the world, and then train like crazy. Those earphones usually are corded, most likely to a smartphone in their pocket or holstered on their waist. And they can get sweaty. Cordless headphones just might be better, especially as they are also sweatproof.

8. Hydration Tracking Water Bottle

glowing hydration tracking water bottleOne simple, low-cost item that any fitness buff will surely appreciate is a good quality water bottle a pushbutton quick-open lid. Of course, they can also use it for other beverages, including sports drinks protein shakes or smoothies.

Some water bottle come with a pushbutton for a quick sip. Just this seemingly simple feature can be a welcome convenience for the fitness buff. Some water bottles even track your hydration.

This smart water bottle tracks water intake and glows to remind you to stay hydrated. Who would have thought something as basic as a water bottle would someday have bells and whistles, right?

9. Resistance Bands

resistance bandsResistance bands come in handy when travelling and as a part of your home gym arsenal. Good resistance bands can help work various muscle groups thus keeping them in shape. This resistance band set can double as exercise bands as well as physical therapy bands for people recovery from injury. Each tension band has different strength for progressive increase as well as different muscle groups.

Just make sure to consult a physician or physical therapist if you do have an injury. Comes with a carry band and online instruction videos.

10. Training Shoes

These can be a part of active wear (#1 above) but we decided to put them in their own category because they’re extremely important. Training shoes can make or break a fitness routine. Therefore, a good pair of running, walking, lifting, or cross training shoes would be appreciated by any fitness buff. And you can’t have too many of these, unless you really go crazy that is.

Check out training shoes at Amazon

11. Quick Blenders

personal blenderMaking protein shakes and smoothies would be much more fun if it was not such a hassle, right? Traditional blenders were not made for convenience. They are cumbersome and then there is the cleaning, which often requires taking them apart and then putting them back together (and that rubber piece for the bottom has a way of disappearing, if you know what I mean). Quick blender to the rescue.

With one of these, you can mix your protein shake or smoothie right in the bottle. And it is easy to clean.

12. Running, Cycling, or Lifting Gloves

running gloves lifting gloves

In the cold fall (autumn if you like) and winter months, the fitness nerd (we are called this for a reason, right?) will appreciate running or cycling gloves to help keep hands warm. The lifter on your list will not complain that they received a pair of good quality lifting gloves either.

13. Breathable Undies

Okay, make sure you really know this person well before getting these for them as a gift. Better if you know them intimately. Breathable underwear designed to stay as dry as possible as well as odorless, might be appreciated by the right person. It makes sense to get at least a week’s worth of these, so they can wear a fresh pair for each workout. And please don’t get these for your ex, okay?

14. Smart Jump Rope or Jumps Counting Rope

smart jump ropeWe covered jump ropes in ropeless jump ropes (#3) above. However, traditionalist fitness buffs will still want the good old jump rope (or skipping rope) with a cord. However, they are unlikely to complain and may even love it if the jump rope is a “smart” one that will do things like count calories and tracks exercise time. This digital calorie counter jump rope can be with or without a cord.

15. Sweat Repelling, Non-Slip Yoga Mat

yoga matThe yoga mat is not just for yoga practitioners. It also comes in handy when doing things like stretches and crunches at home. While these could come as a part of a yoga kit (#4 above), they also make a good low-cost gift on their own. Even better if they won’t get all soggy with sweat and stinky (and potentially dangerous due to slip risk).

This longer and wider yoga mat is textured to prevent slipping and designed to lock out moisture, dirt and germs, as well as stay odorless.

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