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Amazing Uses and Benefits of Banana Peels

12 amazing uses and benefits of banana peelsIs the banana peel, aka banana skin, about to be rescued from the garbage can? By recent indications, yes. In this post, we shall discuss some uses and benefits of banana peels might make you think twice before you throw them into the garbage.

In most countries, the banana peel is simply discarded. Litterbugs simply drop on the ground, with disregard for the safety of others who might slip on them and fall. “Slipping on a banana peel” has become an almost stable gag. But out of something not-so-comical may come forth something useful.

With the banana peels linked to weight loss as well as other uses and benefits, perhaps the banana peel will now start to be treated with some respect. Let’s now take a look at some uses and benefits of banana peels:

1. Aid weight loss: Some say banana peels are the new weight loss superfood. Just throw them into the blender along with your smoothie. The peels are packed with nutrients that boost metabolism including vitamin A, lutein, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, manganese, biotin, and copper. They also help curb appetite by making you feel fuller longer. Please wash the peel (or the whole banana) with water first, okay?

2. Natural teeth whitener: Teeth whitening with a professional can cost a fortune. You can do it yourself on the cheap, using a something destined for the trash can. Simply rub the white fleshy side of the peel against your teeth for a few minutes. Opinions differ as to whether you should brush your teeth before or after so we’ll leave it to you to decide.

3. Aid digestion: Banana peels provide both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, which promote digestive health and regularity, and may also help lower cholesterol levels.

4. Acne treatment: Lutein, a powerful antioxidant in banana peel, may reduce swelling and skin inflammation. It also promotes healthy cell growth. Just rub the white side of the banana peel on the acne affected areas to reduce redness and discomfort. Do this every day and in a few days, you could see improvement in your skin. It may also help clear acne scars from old breakouts.

5. Sooth bug bite: Banana peel can offer a fast chemical-free relief from a bug bite and help soothe the itch. Just rub the white part against the inflamed area.

6. Polish leather: Banana peels make a great natural polish for your leather items. It might be a little challenging to use them on your leather couch, but you can use them easily and quickly on things like shoes, wallets, and leather straps.

7. Meat tenderizer: Add some a ripe banana peel to the pan to keep your meat tender and juicy. Chicken breasts especially tend to dry up. Place banana peels over them can help them maintain their natural juices.

8. Reduce wrinkles: Frankly, you cannot prevent wrinkles from forming. It simply a natural part of aging. But you can delay and/or reduce them. Rub the inside of the peel against your skin

9. Control psoriasis: The inside of the banana peel can be rubbed against areas affected by psoriasis

10. Improve mood: Banana peels contain tryptophan, which is key in creating serotonin, a chemical that can help improve mood, alleviate depression, and aid sleep.

11. Splinter removal: For something so relatively minute, splinter in your skin can cause great discomfort. Taping a piece of banana peel over it, white side down, and leave for a few hours or overnight. This will loosen the splinter and encourage it to move toward the surface for easier removal.

12. Compost: Banana peels are natural sources of phosphorus and potassium found in expensive fertilizers.[1] You can use them as substitute for fertilizer. You can also dry the peels in the oven at low heat – so they don’t stink – to add to the soil in your indoor plants or home garden.


[1] Composting Inside and Out: The comprehensive guide to… by Stephanie Davies

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