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College Student Creates New Fitness Trend: ‘Jiggaerobics’ Makes Fitness Fun

Jiggaerobics new fitness trend

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The name Ladonte Lotts may not ring a bell for you. And, at least at the time of this post, neither would ‘jiggaerobics’, a new fitness trend that is taking the college fitness scene by storm. Ladonte Lotts, a Senior at Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA, is its creator.

It is not hard to guess what jiggaerobics is about. The name piques interest in many who hear it the first time. If you guessed dance and aerobics, kudos. That is, Jigg + aerobics = jiggaerobics.

At the time of this post, jiggaerobics had not yet gone mainstream. You probably won’t see it’s DVDs on sale on late night tv just yet. But because it’s already a fitness trend among college students, chances are that it might sooner rather than later explode (if it hasn’t already). Watch this video:

Why this New Fitness Trend is Hot

The new fitness trend is hot especially among younger folks. Young people from all walks of life and diverse ethnicities are using the routine to get fit, some even making their own videos. There is one main reason for its popularity, it makes fitness fun. With jiggaerobics, you don’t feel like you’re working out, but you still burn fat.

Like diet trends (read fads), fitness trends come and go. But there is one fundamental difference, if we may call it that, between the two. Fad diets rarely work, and certainly not in the long-term. However, a good number of fitness trends do work. Only that, like any trend, they sooner or later fade.

Lotts is a business management major, class of 2018. He says he chose that major because his ideas are big. He is also a member of Dance Committee for the legendary Southern University Marching Band, most commonly known as “The Human Jukebox”. No doubt, this young man is going places.

Is ‘jiggaerobics’ the next big thing in fitness? Will it join the ranks of other dance fitness routines such as Zumba? Only time can tell. But things are looking up thus far.

You can read a detailed report on this new fitness trend at Blackboot website.

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