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7 Easy Ways to Boost Brain Fitness and Mental Strength

Brain fitness: human brain on a running machineWhen it comes to fitness typically what comes to mind is the body. Speaking of mind, this is the most important aspect of our very existence. Yet, its health and fitness is often overlooked. The brain is where everything starts. In this post we shall look at ways to boost brain fitness.

Just as you are either right or left handed, and have certain body parts that are stronger than others, your brain too has dominant areas too. Granted, these are usually hereditary and an important aspect of what makes us who we are. However, the weak or dormant parts of your brain can be “reclaimed” with the right the right physical and mental stimulus.

We live in the day and age of technology. This can be a double-edged sword. We no longer have to memorize much of anything in the age of smartphones and even smart watches. This makes us mentally lazy. On the other hand, technology can (and does) offer us ways to sharpen our mental sharpness. It may soon also offer us ways to measure our mental fitness.

Now, let’s look at a few ways we can improve our brain fitness, shall we?

1. Expose yourself (not that way!): You are reading this, therefore you have taken a step in the right direction. Just like someone who wishes to improve physical fitness starts to learn as much as they can about it, so should you seek out information about brain fitness (aka mental fitness). Read more on the topic, and practice what you learn. And, oh, the reading will do your brain some good so you will be killing two birds with one stone (just an expression, no killing birds).

2. Learn meditation: Meditation is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Some experts say that meditation improves attention span and impulse control. As you may already know, the ability to focus is extremely important, and the best students and workers have this ability. One study showed that 30 minutes of daily meditation resulted in improved the area associated in memory and learning.[1]

3. Catch 40 winks: Getting adequate, restful sleep is extremely important to your physical and mental health. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting eight hours of sleep every night. In fact, some experts say that the 8-hour sleep is just a myth. In a previous post about the benefits of napping for your brain, we talked about Thomas Edison and how napping helped him get through an extremely ambitious to-do list.

4. Exercise regularly: Okay, we know this is about brain fitness. However, the two physical and mental fitness, complement each other. When your mind is fit and strong, typically so is your body. When you feel good about your physical health, your mind benefits as well. Having a gym membership is not necessary. Research shows that just walking in nature can do your brain a lot of good.

5. Eat right: Like the rest of your body, your brain requires nourishment to perform at optimal levels. While there is no food or supplement that can turn you into an instant genius, some foods and compounds may help boost brain power. Also, certain foods may help slow or prevent cognitive decline that comes with age.

6. Enjoy being busy: One of the biggest complaints of modern times is that we are ever busier. While stressing and running around like chickens with heads cut off (excuse the expression) is not a good thing, being busy may actually be good for your brain. Also, research has shown that leading an active lifestyle when young may help keep a healthy brain in older years.

7. Play: Doing something you love to do (with your clothes on!) can benefit your brain. Playing brain games can be fun while also exercising your mind. Playing scrabble and other word games can help improve your vocabulary. Thinking and memory games can be fun as well as helping improve your brain fitness.

Brain fitness can help us live a better, fuller, and more vibrant life. This is why this blog will continue featuring techniques, foods, and compounds that can help improve brain health. Keep visiting this blog.

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[1] Reuters: Aerobics for the brain?



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