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Banana Peel Is The Newest Weight Loss Discovery

banana peel for weight lossThere were days when we used to throw away virtually any kind of peel. In fact, it is fairly that many people in the west began to eat the potato peel, mainly for its nutritional value. Yet, a good number just cannot eat it today. But eat banana peel?

Yes, you can eat banana peels, and they are actually good for you. In many countries, not just in the West, the banana peel is considered waste. And although you can use banana peels in various ways besides eating them, they almost always end up in the trash can. But, again, eat the banana peel?

Well, banana peels may not taste all that pleasant, but they are packed with nutrients. And, according to recent findings, they can also aid in weight loss.

This may run counter to what some say about bananas in general, as they are considered high in carbohydrates and therefore not good for weight loss. The banana fruit, for one, is known for its richness in potassium. Potassium is an essential mineral required for maintaining fluid balance, normal blood pressure, and heart function.

Banana Peel: The New Superfood?

So, what does the banana peel have to do with weight loss? For one, besides potassium that bananas are “famous” for, the peel is packed with other essential nutrients and antioxidants. These include vitamin A, lutein, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, manganese, biotin, and copper.

Also, banana peels are loaded with soluble and insoluble fiber, even more than the fruit itself. This can slow digestion and help you feel fuller longer, thus curbing appetite and in turn you may eat less. Naturally, eating less may result weight loss.

Of course, like many people, you may not find banana peels appetizing. So, how do you even begin to eat them?

Well, you could add them to your morning smoothie or blend them in your protein shake (just be careful not to blow the motor as they are quite dense). Banana peels are also a culinary staple in some Asian and Caribbean cultures, so you may be able to find be able to find some recipes. Uncooked peels may be more beneficial though.

You may also want to get a mix yellow and green banana peels as each has some unique benefits.

This is not the first time that some form of food waste has been found useful. Not long ago, sweet potato wastewater was found to potentially support weight loss.

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