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Can This Ancient Greek Technique Help You Build a Super Memory?

Technique for building super memoryA long time ago in a land far, far way, I recall picking a book off the library shelf, with a little excitement. Okay, not long ago in as in fairy tale or reincarnation terms, but let’s get back to topic. One of the promises was especially enticing. Build a super memory. Did it work for me? Back to that in moment.

Recently I came across that book, Super Learning by Sheila Ostrander, Lynn Schroeder, and Nancy Ostrander in a bookstore, updated, reprinted, and repackaged.

My point? Well, just my fascination and interest in personal development, aka self-improvement. I’ve always especially been attracted to matters of the mind; its potential, possibilities and all. If you are reading this, and thus far, I’d bet a good some of money that you are too.

Develop Super Memory In Only 40 Days?

Researchers from Radboud University, Holland, have found scientific proof that memory can significantly be improved. Even better, it only takes about 40 days of daily 30 minute training sessions to super-size your memory.

The technique involves creating a fictional place in your mind and then storing your memories inside it. According to the researchers, this can massively increase your ability to remember. Sort of like Sherlock Holmes’s “mind palace”.

The “mind palace” thing, as it turns out, is actually real.

After just 40 days of 30-minute brain training sessions, researchers found that individuals who had typical memory skills and no previous training more than doubled their capacity to remember. They went from remembering 26 words out of a possible 72 to remembering 62.

Brain scans before and after showed that the training altered the brain functions of the trainees, making them more similar to those of world champion memory athletes.

So, after reading Super Learning and putting the techniques to work, did I develop super memory? Let’s just say my youth got the better of me and I did not put the techniques to practice long enough. In other words, I didn’t give it a fare chance. Now that I’m older I might give it another shot and know that developing super memory is actually possible.

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