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Calorie Mama: New App Tracks What You Eat By Photo Recognition

Calorie MamaKnowing exactly what you eat, and how much, is often recommended as a way to stay healthy. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle, or simply maintain a healthy weight, keeping in tabs with what you eat is of utmost importance. But it is not always easy. Calorie Mama to the rescue.

You see, some experts advocate for eating wholesome foods, without necessarily counting calories, some may need to watch their food intake a little more closely. The risk of overeating still exists, which can still result in a bigger waistline.

Calorie Mama is an app that is supposed to make watching what you eat easier for you. No more pen and paper or manually inputting foods into a

Just What Is Calorie Mama and How Does It Work?

As already mentioned, Calorie Mama (not sure the name should be capitalized or not) is a calorie tracking app. It is supposed to take the “work” out of tracking your food intake. How does it work?

While there are other calorie tracker apps out there, Calorie Mama uses photo recognition to help the user log his/her meal.

All you need to do is to a picture of your food and let the app go to work. Calorie Mama then analyzes the food and brings up suggestions of what it might be. You then swipe to confirm and the app logs the items and the calories. Though not as accurate as apps that depend on manually inputted values, Mama Calorie offers speed and convenience.

The app can also snap bar codes as well as tracks water intake. And while some say that fitness trackers do help one lose weight, it can also track steps and exercise.

You’re probably asking, does Calorie Mama identify all types of food?

Well, the app is reported to recognize just about any kind of dish including Western, Asian, and European cuisines. If your favorite food is things like cassava leaf, fufu, or ugali… well, you might have to wait some time for the app to include those. Africa and South America seem to be out of luck for now.

Perhaps also challenging, in my opinion, would be counting calories in food cooked in certain ways. Hopefully, this is factored in as well. Caloric content of baked chicken would differ from that of curry chicken, for instance.

Calorie Mama is available for download for free for iOS (Apple™ devices), but in-app purchases may be necessary.

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