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She Only Lost 2 Pounds: The Transformation Is Amazing

Why Weight Loss Is A Lie

Lost 2 poundsWeight loss has become virtually synonymous with good health. Many people freak out when they gain even a pound. However, one mom recently demonstrated that weight loss as most people understand is, by and large, a lie. The scale does not always tell the whole story.

We are bombarded every day with before and after pictures depicting dramatic weight loss. Which is one of the reasons we’ve come to equate health and beauty with weight loss. But this is not always the case.

Adrienne Osun, mother of four and fitness blogger, took on the road… well, less taken when for weight loss. At only 2 pounds, the total weight loss seems insignificant. She started at 182 pounds and “finished” at 180 pounds.

Yet the transformation as depicted in before and after pics is nothing short of amazing. We are talking about belly bulge gone, curves on the right places, a little bit of very feminine muscle. She did not just lose weight, she lost fat.

This goes to demonstrate something we have held on this site, that weight loss does not equate good health. (See Why Weights Are Better Than Cardio.)

Our recent post about Instagram fitness model trolled on social media for actually gaining healthy weight, shows the attitude among a number of people about weight loss. (See when is weight loss is not healthy?.)

Osun had struggled with her weight for years before getting serious about getting herself to a healthy weight. She took on a different approach than most.

You see, most people trying to lose weight – especially women – typically spend seemingly endless hours on aerobic exercise, the treadmill being a favorite. Nothing wrong with doing cardio, but it is not the best way to lose fat. And there is the key to healthy weight loss and looking good…

…you want to lose fat, not just weight.

Osun adopted a rigorous regime of weight training and cardio. The result is that she gained power and muscle, while losing fat. Muscle helps burn fat by improving resting metabolism. And no, muscular women do not always look masculine (those who do are masculine-looking to begin with).

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