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Watch: 5 Foods That Help Fight Dangerous Belly Fat

Concerns about being overweight are usually centered around looks. Surely, being overweight or obese negatively affects physical appearance. Few people realize that the type of fat you carry is as important as the amount. The video below talks about 5 foods that help fight dangerous belly fat.

Why is belly fat considered dangerous? Actually, it is not just belly fat, once more, the type of fat. We shall talk about this slightly more below the video.

Most Dangerous Belly Fat: Location and Type

When we think of fat, what comes to mind is what we can pinch between our fingers. This is called subcutaneous fat. However, this is not the most dangerous type. Of importance too, is where in the body the fat is located. Back to this in shortly.

Belly fat is considered particularly dangerous because it poses risk of premature death. Even for a relatively healthy person who has little fat elsewhere, abdominal fat places you at greater risk of health complications.[1] So, how much belly fat is too much? What is the most dangerous type of this fat?

Ideally, you want a flat belly. It is, of course, more attractive. And it is healthier. But, alas, a small waistline is not easy to maintain all year round and year after year, even for fitness enthusiasts.

It is therefore a good idea to keep abdominal fat as low as possible, while looking out so as not to cross the “threshold” and into danger zone. For adult women, you want your waist to be 35 inches or less. For adult men your waist should be no more than 40 inches. Of course, less is more in this case.

The most dangerous belly fat? Well, this type lies out of reach, within the abdominal walls where you cannot see or pinch it. It is called visceral fat, and it surrounds the liver and other abdominal organs. This fat releases unhealthy fatty acids, inflammatory agents, and unhealthy hormones that can lead to cardiovascular disease.


[1] Harvard: Waist Size Matters

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