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Finally, A New Pill To Help Gluten Intolerance Sufferers

gluten freeFor people with gluten intolerance, following a gluten-free diet and its strict guidelines can be challenging. But there’s hope on the horizon. Now Australian scientists have developed a new pill, called GlutenGard, to help guard against gluten.

Dealing with gluten-related disorders can be a daily challenge as not only does one need to watch what they eat at home, but in restaurants and friends’ houses as well.

As if the matter is not complicated enough already, some “gluten free” foods and supplements have been found to contain unsafe levels of the compound.

In addition, a gluten-free diet is rather costly. A pill that might help would surely be a relief.

The Rise Of The Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Not too long ago, something known as gluten-free diet (GFD) was unknown. Yet, strangely, it is has become a lifestyle for many people today. Some even call it a fad.

How a condition that affects a tiny percentage of people (less than 1 percent of the population in America has gluten intolerance) could influence eating habits in such big way is strange indeed.

While celiac disease and gluten sensitivity were the main reasons for the development of the gluten-free diet, many who don’t have these or other related issues are now on the diet. Somewhere, somehow, the diet started getting promoted as perhaps the healthiest diet ever. And its popularity exploded.

Today, many on this diet don’t have a problem with gluten. Not sure why healthy people who have no problem with gluten would want to get on such a challenging (and costly) diet.

Just What Is Gluten?

Well, gluten is a general term for proteins found in grains such as wheat, rye, and barley. Gluten causes problems, some them serious, in people with gluten related disorders. These include celiac disease (CD) as well as non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS).[1]

Symptoms of gluten intolerance – which is not the same as celiac disease – include gas, bloating, diarrhea and constipation.

People with these disorders may be placed on a gluten-free diet. As mentioned, it is not an easy diet to stay on especially when eating out or for those with jobs that require traveling.

The Pill That Offers Hope

Now scientists in Australia have developed a tiny pill that is set to help people with gluten intolerance finally enjoy a regular meal. GluteGuard, as it is named, has already undergone successful clinical trials and may soon be found on a health shelf near you.

GluteGuard contains enzymes from papaya, a tropical fruit. It is perhaps the first natural remedy for gluten intolerance.

Since the pill is made from food, it qualifies more as a supplement than a drug. Which means you may be able to get it without a prescription.

When taken just before a meal, the pill works to breakdown the gluten into tiny molecules so it is no longer toxic to the body. The pill is made in such a way as to by-pass the harsh environment of the stomach, getting released in the small intestines.

Trials at the Melbourne hospital showed that the pill may protect against damage to the gut lining in patients with celiac disease.

Many people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance were quick expressed delight via social media that they may finally be able to out or in friend’s houses again. It may a while before it hits American health shelves though.


[1] Wikipedia: Gluten-free diet

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