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Natural Compound Reduces Signs Of Aging And Increases Energy

Old Man With Walking StickLet’s face it. Aging sucks. It takes away our youthful looks and energy, among other things. What if we could hold on to that energy well into our advanced years? Now scientists may have found the compound that could help us maintain youthful energy in our older years.

They say you are as old as you feel. Yet energy is one thing that can feel younger or older despite our attitudes. It cannot be faked. You may want to feel 30 when 60, but your body tells you that you’re 65.

Not only that, but our body’s energy production and utilization plays a major role in our overall health. We are better able to combat disease during our younger years than when we are older, for instance. Improving and maintaining the body’s efficiency in production and utilization of energy is therefore vital.

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis recently found that supplementing with a natural compound known as NMN may reduce signs of aging in mice.

During the study, published in the journal Cell Metabolism, three groups of healthy male mice were fed regular mouse chow diets. One group received a high dose of NMN-supplemented drinking water. A second group received a low dose of NMN-supplemented water and the third group no NMN.

The researchers found a variety of beneficial effects of NMN supplementation, including in skeletal muscle, liver function, bone density, eye function, insulin sensitivity, immune function, body weight and physical activity levels. But these benefits were seen exclusively in older mice. (Source: Science Daily)

It was also found that mice that mice given NMN gained less weight with aging. Age-related weight gain is a common problem. The mice that received NMN also had more energy for physical activity and improved insulin sensitivity.

NMN is found naturally in certain foods including broccoli, cucumber, avocado, and cabbage. However, supplementation may be necessary to obtain it in high dose.

More research and clinical research will need to be conducted before you can find an NMN at a health food store near you. However, there is another supplement that you may want to look into.

CoQ10, Aging, And Energy

CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) is perhaps one of the most important but underrated supplements out there. Besides being linked to cardiovascular health and anti-oxidative properties, CoQ10 is also linked to improved energy and anti-aging. And for good reason.

You see, your body uses CoQ10 to produce energy. And while it is synthesized naturally in the body, its production decreases rapidly once we reach the age of 40.

Also, CoQ10 may help improve the overall health and appearance of your skin.[1] The result is that not only may you look better (read younger), you may also feel better and more energetic.


[1] Prevention: 5 Anti-Aging Supplements That Work

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