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Watch: How To Make Guacamole Like A Pro

Guacamole with Tortilla Chips , TotoposAh, guacamole! Also referred to as “guac”, this avocado-based dip or salad (dressing) was first created by the Aztecs in what is now Mexico.[1] As a dip, it is more nutritious – and healthier – than most if not all other types of dip. I recently stumble across a video that shows you how to make guacamole like a guacamaster (is that even a real word?). Watch below:


I like that they use peppers on the recipe in the video above, simply because I like my dip with a little kick. But you can skip this or use sweet peppers if you like: I’ve not tried this so don’t blame me if you do and don’t like it.

Some say that you should go easy on guacamole as it is nutrient-dense. Well, I would say go easy on the other stuff that goes with it (such as chips) as this is where you may go wrong. Avocados, lemons or limes, cilantro and most other ingredients used for making this food/salad are all good for you.

Did you know there are many other ways to use guacamole besides as dip or salad dressing? You can use it on sandwiches as a healthier substitute for mayonnaise, as a garnish for soups, or on baked potatoes instead of cream, to name but a few.


[1] Wikipedia: Guacamole

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