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3 Strength Training Tips To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Woman working out with kettle ballNo matter your fitness goals, weight training can help accelerate results and reach your goal quicker. Whether it is losing weight or the counter goal, gaining weight, strength training through lifting weights can help bring you closer to your desired body faster. How can you incorporate strength training to lose belly fat? Back to this in a moment.

Strength training can also help build endurance, prevent injury, and curve out a body that you will love to show off on the beach during summer. Yet many women tend to avoid for two main reasons.

One reason women tend to shun weights training is something called gymtimidation. You know, you walk into the weights training room and there you find tons iron being heaved by grunting behemoths, mainly the male of the species. Off you go, to seek solace in the cardio room where, incidentally, you find very few males and quite a number of females.

What you need to know is that everybody, including many of those behemoths, must start from somewhere. My own start in weights training was a particularly embarrassing one. But eventually I joined the “elite” lifters, thus earning my respect through sheer hard work and determination.

The second and most common reason for women avoiding lifting is that they don’t want to get too bulky. This is paranoia based on a false notion. For one, women are not made to bulk up as men are. Secondly, you can build just the right amount of muscle without getting too bulky. Thirdly, many men find feminine muscularity irresistible.

Why You Need Strength Training To Lose Belly Fat

At this point, I wish to point out that weights/strength training is not the same as bodybuilding or weight lifting. Weight lifting and bodybuilding are competitive sports, although you still can do them recreationally. With weights training, you mainly compete against yourself. It is about constant self-improvement (a noble thing if you ask me).

With that out of the way, why do you need weights training to lose belly fat? Here are some reasons:

1. Boost metabolism: As we have said before, the goal it is not about losing weight, but losing fat. As you gain muscle, you inevitably gain some weight as muscle is heavier than fat. However, this is good healthy weight. Also, muscle improves both active and resting metabolism. Resting metabolism is most important as you burn calories while resting. Your keeps burning fat long after you have left the gym.

2. Improve sleep: Scientific studies indicate that getting adequate sleep may help lose fat which and therefore flatten your tummy as well. Conversely, lack of sleep can pack on the pounds. People who lift weights generally sleep more restfully.

3. Promote Hormonal Balance: Weights training can help promote hormone balance in your body, which may result in improved body composition.

3 Ways To Weight Train To Lose Fat

One of the most and common false beliefs is that machines are best for strength training. The origin of this fallacy, perhaps, is that machines are made to do things better and faster. However, this does not hold true in strength training. Stick with free weights – barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells – for optimal effects.

Now, here are three ways to strength train for maximum effects:

1. Combine Weights With Cardio

The good thing about this kind of training is that it combines both worlds of exercise, aerobic and anaerobic. You build strength and stamina, while also incinerating fat. Even better, it is ideal when you are time-crunched, as we ever seem to be. Things like kettlebell swings and squat jumps.

2. Do Combo Moves

Those with some weights training experience know that compounds movements work various body parts at the same time. Combo moves combine compound movements themselves taking the intensity to another level. Examples include squat + shoulder press, dead lift + shoulder press, bent over row + Romanian deadlift, and man makers.

3. Constantly Challenge Yourself

When it is no longer a challenge, it is not doing you much good. This is why you should aim at increasing the intensity of your workouts constantly. You can do this by increasing the weight, repetitions, or sets. There are many more ways of increasing intensity that are outside the scope of this article.

The best thing about the above exercise techniques is that they take less time than the “traditional” methods to belly fat and bring out those six pack abs. You get results without spending endless hours in the gym. Of course, a sensible diet must accompany any fat loss program.

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