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Pregnancy Alert: Eating Fast Food Daily Puts Generations At Risk

pregnant womanPregnant women beware. Regular consumption of a high fat and high sugar diet during pregnancy — such as you would typically get with fast food and junk food — puts up to 3 generations at risk of obesity. This means that what you eat today could affect your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Even more concerning, the risk remains even if the offspring consume a healthy diet. These are findings from a recent study conducted by researchers from Washington University School of Medicine, and published in the journal Cell Reports.

Previous studies have shown that your diet before pregnancy critical to child’s lifelong health. It is therefore vital if not critical that you get started on a healthy diet ahead of time if you expect to become pregnant, or as soon as possible if you become so.

Eating Junk Food In Pregnancy May Alter DNA

The new research shows that an expectant mother’s diet before pregnancy may alter DNA. The researchers fed mice one group of mice a diet that comprised 60 percent fat and 20 percent sugar. This diet, they asserted, mimics an everyday diet of fast food. It was started six weeks before conception and through weaning of the offspring.

The next 3 generations of mice was fed rodent chow, which is rich in protein and low in fat and sugar. This is considered a relatively healthy diet.

It was noted, after analysis, that a mother’s obesity as well as metabolic problems can be inherited through mitochondria DNA. Despite a relatively healthy and standard rodent diet, later generations still developed metabolic problems. But what does this have to do with humans?

Although the study was conducted on mice, the researchers stated that if the noted genetic changes took place in humans, the effects may even be greater than in mice. Of course, human tests would be much more complex and longer due to our much greater lifespan.

Therefore, while we know that certain physical traits are hereditary, some of the may have been “woman made” a few generations ago. Mitochondria DNA is only inherited from the mother.

A more detailed post on this appears at the Natural News website.

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