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Watch: Exercise Not The Best Way To Lose Weight

Join a gym and lose weight. This is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, perhaps as old as the calendar itself. But minority even those who stick to it in the longer term, a tiny at that, will tell you this. The “lose weight” part is more than a little challenging even while doing everything right. What is the problem?

Apparently, according to a recent study, exercise by itself may not help you lose weight or, more accurately, lose fat. Watch this video:

More About Why It Is Hard To Lose Weight With Exercise

People workout at gymMany a fitness enthusiast, including some gym rats, will tell you that losing fat is not easy even for them. You exercise and eat right, but even when you start to lose you hit a plateau. It is extremely frustrating.

Exercise is an extremely important component of a healthy lifestyle. But, as stated in the video, it is not a solution by itself.

In a previous post about why it is so hard to lose weight, we listed some of the pointers you heard on the video. Perhaps the most important aspect of fat burning mentioned in the video is resting metabolism. Though in the video it is defined slightly differently, it means the amount of calories you burn when you are physically “inactive” including when you’re asleep.

Something that the video does not mention is that the type of exercise one performs is also important. Spending hours everyday on a treadmill helps build endurance, but it is not be the best way to burn fat. More fitness trainers and experts now recommend high intensity interval training (HIIT).

One of the best ways to burn fat, including stubborn belly fat, is to lift weights as this helps improve resting metabolic rate. And, performing high intensity resistance training (HIRT) can get you both aerobic and anaerobic benefits.

The video does not mention anything about hormones. It is virtually impossible to lose fat when these are working against you. Also missing in the video is the fact that exercise and diet can actually cause your body to fight against you and hold on to fat stores.

Fat loss is a complex topic. If only it was as simple as diet and exercise. Then we could all lose or gain weight almost at will. But as we know, it is not that simple.

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