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Busy? It May Be Good For Your Brain

scheduleDo you sometimes we wish you had three arms? Or there was a way to add one more hour to the 24-hour day. If you feel like you’re always running around without enough time to do all the things you want to do, it just may be good for you. You just might be doing your brain a favor.

According to a recent study, a busy schedule may be something to embrace rather than complain about. A team of researchers from the University of Texas found that people with busy schedules also tend to have healthier brains. The study is published in the Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience journal.

Researchers observed 330 healthy men and women aged between 50 and 89. The volunteers answered questions about their day-to-day schedules and completed a series of mental tests. Five cognitive constructs were assessed; processing speed, working memory, episodic memory, reasoning, and crystallized knowledge.

The findings revealed that a busier lifestyle was linked to superior brain function. A busier lifestyle was linked to superior cognition, including processing of the brain, better working memory, reasoning, vocabulary, and ability to learn different skills, regardless of age.

The study, however, did not answer one fundamental question. Did a busy lifestyle result in improved brain function or is it that people with superior brain function actively pursued busy lifestyles?

The study is not dissimilar to a previous study that linked active lifestyles in youth to healthier brains in older years.

Workaholics are usually successful people. One might think they are successful simply because they work harder. But, apparently, their brains work better as well, which only adds to their success. No wonder they seem to go from success to success.

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