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Quick And Simple 3 Minute Trick For A Flat Belly

flat belly trickMention sit-ups around the fitness circles today and you will sound Neanderthal. But who would have thought that even crunches would one day become outdated? Yet they are surely going the way of the sit-ups. But 3 just 3 minutes to a trimmer midsection? Sounds like fantasy. Keep reading.

Yes, there is a simple belly exercise that won’t even make you break a sweat. And, it can be done in virtually any position; standing, sitting, or lying down. It can be done in your chair at work or even while stuck in traffic (please make sure you don’t get distracted if you do it while driving). And no one needs to know you’re doing it.

Better still, according to a number of fitness experts, you could see results in as few as 3 weeks. Some experts say noticeable results could come in five days.

Why Is Having A Flat Belly So Challenging?

trunk musclesMany people including some regular gym attendants complain of how challenging it can be to have a trim, curved midsection. There are various reasons why you can’t lose belly fat. And it is not always a matter of not training hard enough. Nor is it always about your diet. Sometimes it is just you may be unknowingly neglecting certain muscles.

You see, there are outer and inner abdominal muscles. Most conventional exercises target outer abdominal muscles such as the rectus abdominis and external obliques. Inner muscles such as the transverse abdominis and internal obliques can get neglected and therefore remain weak.

Training those inner abdominal muscles not only helps in reducing the bulge, but also in strengthening the core. This could help reduce or prevent lower back pain, stabilize your body and thus increase overall strength and power.

So, how can this be done?

The answer is ab vacuums. And no, it has nothing to do with that housecleaning gadget most of us hate to have to use. Nor is it about vacuuming your tummy in any conventional way. Yet it is quick and simple. The technique, we believe, originates from yoga.

How To Do Ab Vacuums

Start at any position: standing, sitting, or lying down on your back (avoiding lying down on your belly!).

1. Inhale slowly and deeply. Then, exhale. As you exhale, pull your stomach inward toward your spine. It might help to imagine your belly button touching your spine.

2. Hold the (inward) position for about 10-20 seconds.

3. Repeat a number of times.

Once you start getting better, you can increase the hold gradually, up to 60 seconds.

This exercise can help knock up to 4 inches off your belly as well as help your lower back. However it will not actually help get rid of belly fat or give you a six-pack by itself. For that, you need something else such as a six pack abs system and/or this belly fat reducing supplement.

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