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How To Succeed In Fitness And Weight Loss: Make It Fun

make it funIt is perhaps the main reason many of us fall off the fitness and weight loss wagon. Often we see diet and exercise as something we have to do not something we want to do. It is hard for one to keep doing something they have to suffer for unless they have a masochistic streak. So, one of the keys to losing weight and keeping it off is to find ways to make it fun.

Here’s a quote from a previous post on this blog:

Fitness needs to be perceived as fun and games or we subconsciously avoid it.

– Alan Thicke

The key, therefore, is perception. How we regard or interpret something; our mental impression. Take for instance bodybuilders. “No pain, no gain” is a phrase you will hear frequently around bodybuilding circles. And it is often misunderstood. Those who take it at face value do not go far. They either get injured or give up, or both.

However, those who enjoy the process in virtually anything often succeed. For bodybuilders it is the burn, beating plateaus, attaining training goals, and the after-training soreness. They just love it. The attractive body that comes with it is just icing in the cake. But they too have to deal with things they don’t like such as dieting and training certain body parts. Again, perception is the key here.

Making Fitness Fun

So, how do you make fitness and dieting fun so you can stick to it in the long run and therefore enjoy lasting results? One woman featured in Women’s Health magazine lost nearly 100 pounds after a lifelong struggle with bad health habits and accompanying excess bodyweight. Here are some tips from Kacey Lauchnor, 25, including as well as our own input and tips:

  • Variety: They say it’s the spice of life. Running every day on a treadmill sooner than later becomes a drag, and you start finding excuses not to do it. Change machines (if working out in a gym) often. Change your workouts around as well. For Kacey, it was mix of lunges, cardio, squats, and kickboxing that helped her lose the excess weight. Her advice; “If your workout feels like suffering, try something else.” We totally agree.
  • Plan ahead: Deciding what to eat at meal time or when hungry is recipe for disaster. In our post on planning bodybuilding meals, we recommend planning ahead. This can fit into any fitness goal or lifestyle. Planning ahead helps avoid the last minute temptations such as ordering pizza. Also, plan your workouts ahead so you know exactly what to do each day. Okay, not exactly a fun point but can be extremely helpful.
  • Go outside: Take long walks or run outside when weather allows. Enjoy the scenery while you’re at it. Identify places like parks, scenic landmarks etc., where you might enjoy walking or running. You can even bring a friend or a pet along. Bringing along your mate might even spice up your love life in addition to improving your health.

You can read the full Kacey Lauchnor story at the Women’s Health website.

when fitness is fun you succeed easier
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