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Low Fat Diets Not Effective For Weight Loss

Low-fat dietsThey are popular. After all, they are synonymous with avoiding of something considered unhealthy; fat. That fat has been so demonized in the media and beyond only lends credence to the low-fat diet craze. However, low-fat may not be the way to go for sustained weight loss, or more appropriately, fat loss.

This is not surprising though. Some high-fat diets have shown to be more effective in fighting fat than low-fat. Yes, this may seem to run counter to logic and long-held beliefs. But many people today swear by diets such as the ketogenic diet, including the Atkin’s diet, that emphasize low-carb instead of low-fat.

According to a recent study, published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, there was no greater long-term weight loss among people on low-fat diets compared to those who were on higher-fat diets such as the Mediterranean diet or low-carb diet (such as Atkin’s).

Just to be clear, this was more of a review of multiple diets and not one of those double-blind placebo studies we keep reading about, sometimes getting baffled.

The investigators analyzed 53 studies involving a total of over 68,000 adults. This is not the first time low-fat got beat by other types of diet, though. Yet, even some “experts” pushing low-fat as the most sure-fire way to a smaller mid-section. In a previous study comparing low fat, low carb and low glycemic diets, low fat fared worst while low glycemic was the best.

You can read a more detailed report on this at the Medical Daily website.

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