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Is Skipping Breakfast Healthy After All?

Omelet with lettuceIf there is something consistent in fitness and nutrition information, it’s the inconsistency. Red meat may be is bad for you today, but good for you the next. The experts are even questioning whether saturated fat is bad after all. Breakfast has been touted as the most important of the day and word of advice has been not to skip it. But is this advice healthy? Watch this video:

So should you skip breakfast? Our opinion is to err on the safer side. This was just one small study and therefore not enough to base lifestyle change on. Personally, I will continue to eat my breakfast. And there is the erstwhile question when it comes to weight loss and diet; is it sustainable in the long-term?

You see, you may be able to lose weight fairly fast for that college reunion by following a certain diet plan. But sticking to it can be the more challenging part. This is where most people fall of the wagon and before long they have regained all that lost weight.

The best way to fight fat is still to follow a healthy diet plan and exercise program. Supplements can help but they will not work by themselves. Keep in mind that it is not just about weight loss, but fat loss.

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