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New Fake Fast Diet May Slow Down Aging And Prevent Cancer

Fasting dietFasting is not just for religious purposes; it can also be good for you. Adherents of the various fasting diets swear by this. Claims about the benefits of fasting range from weight loss, to clearing of the mind, physical and even spiritual cleansing just to mention a few.

Well, at least on the physical realm, there are great benefits to be had through fasting according to a recent study.

Even better, you may not need to actually go hungry while you’re at it. You just need to “fake” it.

However, fasting is not easy to do, and even harder to stick too. I know this as I’m a faster and many a time I have fallen off the wagon for one reason (read excuse) or another. That one can do it without really going hungry, and reap some great health benefits along… well, let’s just say this piqued my interest.

Researchers at the University of Southern California recently found that adopting a diet that mimics the effects of fasting, without actually denying oneself of food, could produce a wide range of benefits similar to the ones already being touted and perhaps some more.

While most fasting diets require one to avoid or limit food intake two days per week, the new diet reduces the fasts to four days twice a month. There are even claims that it can be done four times a year. Plus, you don’t need to completely cut off food or severely limit consumption.

The diet involves cutting calorie intake by 34 to 54 percent, while also ensuring obtaining sufficient amounts of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats).

The researchers found that the fake fast diet, also referred to as periodic fasting, boosted the immune system, improved cognitive abilities, diet increased, reduced inflammation, slowed bone loss, reduced visceral (belly) fat, reduced cancer risk, and even increased lifespan in mice. A pilot study on humans showed similar effects. (Click here to read the original story)

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