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Calling All Mothers: Your Diet Before Pregnancy Critical To Child’s Lifelong Health

belly of a pregnant woman isolatedIt is a known fact that what during pregnancy is vital to your baby’s health. However, according to a new report by researchers at the Medical Research Council (MRC) and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, you should not wait until you become pregnant to eat healthy.

According to the study, a mother’s nutritional status at conception can influence her child’s immunity and risk of certain diseases such as cancer. As an example, one tumor suppressor gene referred to as VTRNA20-1 is especially susceptible to changes in a mother’s diet within the first few days of conception.

If a mother’s diet is poor at or before conception, it can cause not only cause various health issues such as preterm or underweight birth, brain defects and other pregnancy issues, these can last through the life of that child.

It is therefore critical that women who want to be or think they might become pregnant to begin to observe a healthy nutrition regimen right away.

This means eating a healthy, balanced diet and perhaps supplementing certain vital nutrients such as folic acid and fish oilfish oil. Typically, a good multivitamin will give you the required amount of folic acid while also supplying important vitamins, but talking to your doctor is always a good thing when pregnant.

And while you can get omega-3 fatty acids through eating fish (plant sources do not supply adequate amounts of the important compound known as DHADHA), there is a risk of consuming mercury and other toxins. It is therefore recommended that you take a good supplement.

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