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How To Find The Best Probiotic Supplements (Infographic)

Probiotics are some of the most important supplements you can use today. In fact, some experts say that they may be even more important than a multivitamin.  This infographic is about the benefits of these types of supplement as well as  choosing the right product. Being live microorganisms, probiotics should be chosen with care.


Probiotics are “good bacteria” that offer certain health benefits. Probiotic supplements are among the top-selling health products today. Many people today buy probiotic supplements but often do not get as much benefit as they should. Here’s what you should know.

Probiotics Benefits

  • Probiotics may help maintain healthy immune system
  • They may help various illnesses and conditions
  • They help promote digestive health and balance
  • They help fight off bad bacteria
  • They may help you lose weight

Probiotics Are Living Microorganisms

  • Being live, probiotics can and do die.
  • They need nourishment to live.
  • They are sensitive light, oxygen, heat and other environmental factors.
  • Many probiotics will have died on the store shelve.
  • Up to 80% of live probiotics get killed by stomach acids.

Choosing A Probiotic Supplement

A good probiotic supplement should:

  • Contain prebiotics to support and nourish the probiotics.
  • Protect the probiotics from getting killed by digestive tract juices, oxygen, and light.

Choosing the right probiotics supplement can be difficult. But we have done the hard work for you. Click to find out more.


* None of the statements on this page have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult a healthcare professional before starting a new supplement especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have known health condition or on medications.

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