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FDA Issues Warning About Potentially Deadly Supplement

Label fixing is not something new to the nutritional supplements world. This is claiming that certain required or beneficial ingredients are present while they are not, or are present but in lower amounts than stated on the label. Those were the “good” old days.

Now they take it up a notch: adding potentially harmful or even deadly ingredients but not listing them on the label.

News of an FDA warning about yet another supplement containing potentially harmful substances is the last thing that an industry fighting hard against increased safety regulations needs. But the FDA appears keen on cracking down on supplements with misleading labels. The governing body recently issued a warning about a “natural” supplement for pain relief and other conditions.

A dietary supplement called Reumofan Plus, manufactured in Mexico and sold in the USA, has been found to contain ‘unlisted ingredients’ which are harmful to human health.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning to consumers that Reumofan Plus, marketed as a natural dietary supplement for pain relief and other serious conditions, contains several active pharmaceutical ingredients not listed on the label that could be very harmful.

Reumofan Plus is marketed as a natural dietary supplement for pain relief. Reumofan Plus is labeled in Spanish and promoted for treating arthritis, muscle pain, osteoporosis, bone cancer, and other conditions. The product is manufactured in Mexico by Riger Naturals and sold in some retail outlets, at flea markets, and on various internet sites. See original story

What is even more concerning is that withdrawal symptoms of one of ingredients can be life-threatening. Bad going in, and bad coming out.

Now, I have nothing against products manufactured in Mexico or even China (or anywhere else for that matter) as long as they are safe. And, of course, manufacturers and distributors do not violate international labor laws. But it is, most likely, much easier and cheaper to make “errors” of commission and omission when a product comes from outside.

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