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The Unspoken Benefits of a Candida Free Diet

A candida free diet is primarily for those people who suffer from a candida or yeast infection. Because of the nature of the diet there are also hidden benefits that may not be easily recognizable. Among the other benefits that have been mentioned are weight loss, more energy, and looking and feeling younger. Could a candida type diet actually be a step towards improving your overall health even if you don’t suffer from a yeast infection.

A candida infection will normally occur when the body is below par. This can be for a number of reasons most notable are stress and the use of antibiotics. Other reasons linked include the use of birth control pills in women, tight clothing, excess alcohol and generally eating the wrong foods.

A candida diet is centered around fresh meat and vegetables, and small amounts of carbohydrates with potatoes and rice. This really is the basis of any healthy diet. The diet does not include fresh fruit because of the high sugar content although fresh lime and lemon juice are acceptable. It may be necessary to take a vitamin supplement to ensure that you get your daily requirement.

With a diet that is based on fresh food we can see that a reduction in additives and chemicals would benefit the body overall. Too many processed foods contain chemicals that are just not a part of our natural diet or contain excessive amounts of chemicals. Sodium, which is extracted from sea salt is one such substance. By removing processed foods from your diet and using untreated sea salt in your diet you are ensuring you get the right amount of sodium daily.

By reducing saturated fats and sugar in your diet you will see some obvious benefits in weight loss. Animal fats have been a part of our natural diet for the last million years and should not cause any problems. Oils such as olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil are totally natural as well. Coconut oil makes a great sweetener in certain recipes.

It may be said that reducing sugar in your diet would actually reduce your energy levels. However sugar is not the only source of energy. The protein from fresh meat products is broken down and used as energy. Also carbohydrates from potatoes and rice are used. It is when the body has sugar that is easy to break down that excess carbohydrates and protein are stored as fat.

Be wary of so called natural foods such as vegetable oil and vegetable margarine. Check the additives next time you are tempted to buy. Dairy milk products are not a natural part of our diet. We are the only species that actually drinks the milk from another species and calls it healthy. Yes there are cases where the mother of one species will suckle another but these are rare. Also the use of pesticides on farmland and the addition of antibiotics to cattle fodder are now showing in the milk. While many experts say this is not a problem I for one have a problem with it.

With the increase in pollution all around us our bodies are being subjected to an unusual amount of unnatural substances. A candida diet, which is based on fresh and natural foods should be considered by anyone who wants to improve their quality of life and health.

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