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Are Dietary Supplements Bad For You? The Answer from a Physically Active Viewpoint

Many people are stumped when confronted with the question, are dietary supplements bad for you? A lot of this has to do with the uncertainty and contradicting views that people hear about supplements.

Some people who have seen and experienced their benefits will always vouch for them. Many others out of ignorance or genuinely suffering from overuse will warn others about the ill effects.

The best way to sort out the dilemma is to take a more rational approach. One must look at the facts around the supplements and take a personal call. Relying on general public opinion and a handful of tips is not the ideal way to decide if supplements are bad for you.

The first and most important fact about supplements is their name: supplements. They are not substitutes but just supplements. They are developed to provide the human body some additional nourishment, which cannot be obtained from regular diets that people consume. Without these additional nutrients, the strenuous workouts will start taking a toll on the person.

When used in conjunction with regular diet, the supplements can help fill the gap between intake and consumption of nutrients in the body. They are concentrated sources of certain specific nutrients and not the entire range of food that body needs. If the supplements are taken with this focus, they can be invaluable to anyone working out to build a good body.

The biggest mistake that many enthusiastic people make is to start overusing the supplements to reach a better figure faster. There is no short cut to success and any short cut can potentially lead to failure.

Relying only on supplements means that you are depriving your body of other nutrients which are missing in the supplements. Everyone knows what damage an unhealthy eating habit can do to our body. Sadly, people do not look at things in this light while consuming supplements.

So it is clear that it is not supplements that are bad, but the way people use them. Like any great thing, supplements are really a double edged sword.

Used correctly supplements can be a great boon for you. Used irrationally, they can do quite some damage: not by themselves, but because the person is not consuming the other nutrients.

The ideal way to start with good bodybuilding regimen is to get good diet and regular exercise. As the workouts get more hectic, one must introduce the supplements to balance the nutrients in the body. Eventually, with diligence and discipline you can get that fab body you crave and realize that supplements are not bad after all.

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