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What Is Fish Oil Good For and When to Use It

There is never a bad time to ask, “What is fish oil good for?” The fact is, there aren’t to many things it isn’t good for. Throughout our body chemistry, there is a need for the omega three fats contained in fish oils. In fact, fish oil beats other known sources of omega3. How?

Well, only fish oil is the only source of omega3 known to contain DHA and EPA, two good fatty acids know to be beneficial for cholesterol balance. Experts who promote other sources of omeg3 often conveniently forget to mention this fact.

Our body’s require two types of omega fatty acids. These are Omega 3 and Omega 6 and we are at our best when we have equal parts of both. Getting a balance can require supplementation.

Fish oil is known to help with high cholesterol. Studies have shown this for a long time. This is one of the biggest health concerns today. We use this product for skin care as well. A multitude of benefits can be realized by introducing a natural version of this supplement to your diet.

High blood pressure can lead to all sorts of problems with our health including heart disease and stroke. Fatty acids like omega 3 have been proven to help lower blood pressure in many studies.

Natural supplements are sometimes used to help with the inflammation associated with certain types of allergies and hay fever. Reducing swelling is a key to relieving the symptoms and fatigue associated with these conditions. Suffering patients have conclusively shown that fish oils will offer relief.

Arthritis patients report relief in pain when taking an omega3 natural fish oil supplement. This also is considered to be a direct result of the anti inflammatory properties this dietary supplement delivers. Swelling around the nerves causes pain, reducing this swelling in turn will reduce the pressure on the nerves.

When thinking about supplements, there are a multitude of reasons to include this mineral in your diet. For one, our body cannot produce this itself. It must obtain all of it’s omega3 from the diet.

Our balance between the two types of fatty acids wants to be even, to promote the best health. Most of us have an abundance of omega 6 and have only one source of omega 3 to balance this out. A Glance at this article should let you know the answer to what is fish oil good for.

Fish oil supplements are not created equal, and some may actually be harmful. Find out more at fish oil supplements now.

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