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Finding Natural Remedies for High Cholesterol

Nature has its own way of trying to help us care for our bodies. Prescribed drugs are often essential for our well-being but many of us prefer to test some of the methods that have been tried and tested over centuries. There are quite a few natural remedies for high cholesterol; some are better known than others. These methods are perfectly natural and many of them have shown good results.

Eating raw garlic has to be one of the most popular ways of trying to counteract raised cholesterol. If you intend eating raw garlic to lower your cholesterol levels then it has to be finely chopped before you eat it. Peel three or four cloves of garlic and chop them very finely. Let the freshly chopped garlic sit for a while before you eat it. In its raw state garlic can help to lower your blood pressure levels as well as have an impact on your cholesterol levels.

Sunflower seeds are a very popular corrective for those who suffer from raised cholesterol. Sunflower seeds are one remedy for high cholesterol and can be enjoyed as a snack.

It would be so easy to think that consuming fats would be the wrong thing to do if you have cholesterol problems. But it does seem that Olive oil can help the body to disperse what is commonly known as ‘bad cholesterol’. Olive oil is packed with antioxidants which are also good for those who suffer from heart disease.

Speaking of oils, studies have shown that taking fish oil can help reduce risk of heart disease by lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Alfalfa seeds can also be taken. The seeds are rich in fiber and there are indications that the seeds can prevent a cholesterol build-up. However, if Alfalfa seeds are consumed in large quantities they can cause red blood cell damage.

The herb known as Psyllium can decrease cholesterol levels. Psyllium has been trialled and found to be successful. A tiny amount of the herb can be incorporated within your daily diet.

Grape seed extract has been shown to be beneficial to those who suffer with raised cholesterol. Much like Olive oil the grape seed extract is filled with antioxidants.

Herbalism has been practiced for centuries. But if any herbal remedy is to take effect then you must also pay attention to your diet and your lifestyle. If this condition affects you then you must take regular exercise and enjoy a healthy diet. Nature can take you so far but it is little good trying out natural remedies for high cholesterol if you do not combine them with a healthy way of life.

To keep your cholesterol levels in good balance, you want to avoid taking prescription drugs unless everything else fails. Check out Natural Cholesterol Supplements now.

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