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Daily Vitamin Supplements – Do You Really Need Them?

The human body needs vitamins and minerals to allow it to function in a healthy state. No, strike that out. The human body needs vitamins and minerals to live. They are vital to maintain the body’s optimal functioning and also ensure the brain and immune system are in optimal health. But do you need daily vitamin supplements?

A human body may be capable of storing some vitamins. Fat-soluble vitamins are the kind that can be stored. However, some vitamins cannot be stored, particularly the water-soluble kind. Vitamins B and C, for instance, and must be supplied each day.

Now, these essential vitamins, too, tend to get easily compromised through food storage, cooking and processing. Therefore, daily vitamin supplements seem advisable.

The daily vitamin pills most commonly taken are the synthetically compounded one. They are manufactured by copying a form of molecular vitamins. Organic vitamins supplements are made from whole food, which is easier for the body to absorb. The body processes organic vitamins in the same way as food.

Some synthetic vitamins contain, in addition to the nutrients, food coloring, preservatives, sugar and coal tars. They do contain the nutrients that are beneficial, but also substances that are potentially harmful such as petrochemicals.

Organic vitamins are all natural. They contain antioxidants, minerals, enzymes (including digestive enzymes to assist in absorption) and all the benefits that are gleaned from the food you eat. Whole food vitamins are all natural also. Some brands are GM and gluten free, made specifically for those who are allergic to those two ingredients.

If your life is perfect and stress free, you are in optimal health and take no prescription medication, always get enough sleep, don’t smoke or drink, eat well-balanced meals three times a day every day, and do moderate exercising only, you may get the needed vitamins from food. But this is tough to do, even for the most health-conscious among us. Therefore, everyone needs a daily vitamin.

Note also that we said that if you “do moderate exercising only” above. You see, if you do intense exercising such as weigh training and/or are involved in a sport that requires vigorous physical activity, you still need daily vitamin supplements. The reason is that you are using up more nutrients than the average Joe or Jen.

You safeguard yourself and your family by using seat belts when riding in the car. Keeping fresh batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms and using caution while crossing the street. Taking a daily vitamin is an inexpensive protection for your bodily health.

Some of the many facts about vitamins include: Vitamin C must be replenished every day since the body cannot store it. If you take vitamin B, take the compound because, if you take one of the B vitamins alone, it will deplete the other B vitamins stored by the body. Also, women may need to take calcium if they have a family history of osteoporosis.

The fat soluble vitamins should not be taken more than once a day. They have to be taken and used by the body in a timely fashion. If there is an excess of vitamins A, D and E, for example, they will build up to a level that is harmful to your body.

There are specific government standards for a daily-recommended dose of vitamins. The World Health Organization and BBC Health Values, among other agencies, have set the standards and the manufacture of vitamins is generally based on those recommendations. It is just as damaging to exceed the dose of daily vitamin supplements, as it is to fail to fill it.

The best way to get your daily vitamin needs taken care of without getting too little or too much is by taking a good natural multivitamin supplement daily.

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