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Best Muscle Gaining Supplements – Finding Them and Making Them Work

It is essential to obtain a clear (basic) understanding of human muscles, their functionalities and growth characteristics. These factors are all important for people to determine the best muscle gaining supplements for them as individuals.

Muscles are contractile tissues categorized under two broad types according to the specific nature of their fibers. These are slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers. The former are capable of contracting for extended periods but deliver little force while the other type contract fast, deliver more power but become fatigued within a short time span.

The oxidation of carbs and fats is responsible for powering muscles. Anaerobic, chemical reactions that produce adenosine triphosphate or ATP make fast-twitch fibers work. Muscle gaining supplements aid in producing muscle hypertrophy (that is, an increase in muscle size) by supplying essential nutrients and keeping their levels constant in the body.

These nutrients supply the energy required to take the extra loads placed on the muscles by physical exertion and replenishing and rebuilding the muscle fibers that are during exercise.

When considering muscle gain supplements, individuals must give up the mindset that one size fits all. Supplements must be matched to requirements of the exercise regimen that is being pursued as well as individual characteristics.

For example, if a person is into aerobic exercises, these involve long and low-level exertions, thus making muscles contract lower than their maximum capacity but for long periods. These exercises require large volumes of oxygen but produce negligible amounts of lactic acid.

By contrast for anaerobic exercises, short but higher-intensity bursts through extreme contractions involve preponderantly fast-twitch muscle fibers. These fibers primarily require ATP (or glucose) as the fuel with little volumes of oxygen, fat and protein, thus producing large volumes of lactic acid. As a result, anaerobic exercises cannot be sustained for long and the inhibitory effect of lactic acid on ATP generation is an important limiting factor.

It should be clear by now that the most appropriate muscle gain supplement will vary according to whether the exercise regimen is mainly aerobic or anaerobic. A wide variety of these supplements is available. A wide categorization might split muscle gaining supplements into amino acids concoctions, creatine products, weight gainers, glutamine, leucine, nitric oxide and protein.

But a supplement can only be considered best if it complies with the need and the final goal of the person using the product. It really is a matter of horses for courses. Moreover, even the best muscle building supplement shall fail to show results if muscles are not worked properly.

The body composition of an individual is also a relevant factor to consider when deciding on a muscle gaining supplement. For those who want bigger muscles through intensity or power training, products that include essential amino acids (for muscle recovery and rebuilding), creatine (to supply energy for muscle contraction), glutamine (to help protein metabolization) and some amounts of anti-estrogens may arguably be the best muscle gaining supplements.

At the end of the day, a key point to remember is that muscle gain supplements assist muscle hypertrophy, accelerating muscle bulk by boosting muscle cell size. And, of course, they help augment the diet with the needed nutrients, protein being the key one.

You don’t have to go broke or into debt to buy muscle gaining supplements. Unless you get paid to body-build and/or you can afford it, you should be careful and not buy into all the hype out there. Check out top Top Bodybuilding Supplements now.

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