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All Natural Ingredient Vitamins: Are They Really Necessary?

Everyone nowadays wants to maintain a healthy body. Taking vitamins is a way good to make up for the shortfall their regular eating routine, which as we shall see shortly is virtually everyone. Knowing the value of vitamins one takes would induce one to find the best quality vitamins, and that is all natural ingredient vitamins.

Why do we need to supplement our vitamin intake even when we eat “healthy”?

Well, supplementing vitamin intake is recommended because:

  • Some vitamins, especially water-soluble vitamins, are easily lost in cooking and food processing.
  • Transportation, storage, and display in markets cause fruits and vegetables to rapidly lose vitamins.
  • Pollution, environmental degradation and modern mass-production farming combine to rob soil of a lot of its nutrients. Addition of synthetic fertilizers only makes the problem worse.

Usually the vitamin supplements loaded on the pharmacy shelves are synthetic, that means they are the result of chemical processes and artificial ingredients. Finding the all natural ingredient vitamins is becoming a priority for anyone who takes up these regularly, as health-conscious consumers want to avoid taking in chemicals.

Natural vitamins are extracted of nature, plants and natural herbs, with care taken to retain the natural benefits in them.

Many manufacturers claim being the superior suppliers of natural vitamins though being synthetic in reality. The fact that synthetic vitamins presented as natural is a false claim.

Distinguishing between the natural and laboratory-made vitamins is not too easy. Natural vitamins are concentrated extracts got from nature (mainly from plant sources). Driven from the natural source and handled with care to retain their maximum benefits for the human beings usage, they are the most safe to use.

No colors, artificial flavors as well as no preservatives are added in the natural vitamins.

Natural sources for vitamins contain co-factors that are present in various nutrients by nature. Just as bioflavonoid is found usually within vitamin C, the presence of the co-factor in the natural extract must be highly concentrated. This can be a tough requirement to meet in practice.

Vitamins that are to be natural ingredients must not be made by using pressure, heat or any toxic solvents. In addition, the chemical tablet coating must not be there. The raw material used in the vitamins must be of top quality.

Experts from all over the world have reported on the negative effects of synthetic vitamins. The chemical molecular structure is not the same of the natural ingredient vitamins.

Before taking any vitamin a medical checkup is important. Especially for children under two years old, consulting any pediatrician is vital before giving the child extra vitamins. Supplements can never be the best substitute for food. They should augment food intake, not replace it.

Healthy eating habits are the first and most important way to good life. But if one has to take vitamins, which is highly recommended, then the natural extracts from the natural raw materials are the best way to go.

The labeling of vitamins available in market these days usually confuses consumers. Whenever labels say natural, organic or food based this means that the process for making vitamins started from the food sources. This is perhaps the simplest way to tell natural vitamin supplements from synthetic, assuming of course that the manufacturer is being truthful.

Vitamins can also legally be called “natural” even when laboratory-produced. How?

As an example, vitamin C is often laboratory-made from starch. Since starch is “natural”, a manufacturer can legally claim that the product is natural. Just one of the tricks of the trade that vitamin manufacturers would not want you to know.

In addition, of course, whether the product is natural or synthetic, it will have to be made through a chemical process. This is needed in order to fit the nutrients into a pill and hold it together.

This is where even an all natural ingredient vitamin can be rendered less effective if the manufacturer decides to cut too many corners to save money or make the product appear cheaper than the competition’s. One reason you should never go too cheap on that multivitamin.

Some nutritionists assert that even synthetic vitamins work well. This may be true but when some synthetic vitamins are made from petrochemicals, there is no such thing as being too safe. I would rather go with an all natural ingredient vitamin.

Your choice of vitamin supplement is extremely important. Check top rated all natural multivitamin now.

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