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Defying The Odds: People Over 70 With Bodies Better Than Some 30 Year Olds (Videos)

I just love it when I see someone defying the odds. Nothing is as inspiring as to see a person not only not give in/up, but succeed where I would probably have thrown in the towel. There is no better way to tell others “you can do it” than doing it yourself. Like the 70 plus guys in the videos below who have better bodies than some 30 (or even younger) year olds.

Meet The 95 Year Old Who Still Pumps Iron

Think you are too old to change your body or hit the gym? Then meet Merrill Matzinger, a 95 year old ageless wonder (at time of video). He is perhaps the best example of the right attitude can change your body (and your life). If there ever was a fitness inspiration, this is it:



I love the part where he says, “All the doctors that have treated me can’t believe what they’re seeing. That’s encouraging to, you know, go to the doctor and have compliments rather than prescriptions.”

74 Year Old Wins Bodybuilding Competition

Next, meet Tsutomu Tosaka, a 74 year old (at time of video) Japanese bodybuilding champion. What I like about this guy’s story is that he did not start working out until he was 40, a point where many of us would consider too late.



I know some may be asking; how about women? Granted, women do face a bigger or shall we say unique challenges when it comes to fitness past a certain age (especially past menopause), one of them being lower testosterone levels. But it can be done. For both men and women, it all starts in the mind.

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