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Vitamin Water Huh! Giant Soft-drink Company Faces Law Suit

The first time the so-called vitamin water came into the market, I had inkling that something was not right. I’m no medical doctor or scientist but, being a user of health supplements, I’ve also being reading and studying them extensively. Simply drink flavored water and get hydrate as well as your nutrient needs taken care at the same time? If life was that easy.

And the commercials. They showed athletes doing all sorts of things that we pay big bucks to watch them do as well as justifying paying for all those sports channels. Apparently we too could have a little bit of that energy to do those things if only we drunk that new “invention” in good old H2O.

Okay, let’s cut a long story short: one company is now facing a law suit for unwarranted health claims. It is no other than the mega-giant of soft drinks manufacturing, Coca Cola. But this is not the news.

That a bottle of water with sugar added (with a smattering of zinc and/or synthetic vitamins) can be healthy is ridiculous. But what’s really ridiculous is Coca Cola’s defense. This is the news. Hear this:

“Lawyers for Coca-Cola are defending the lawsuit by asserting that “no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking vitaminwater was a healthy beverage.”

Excuse me? Those ads feature some of the biggest names in the athletics industry. You know, the fittest of the fittest. The product is advertized as a health beverage. Duh!

I’ll let a true professional tell the story. Go to The Dark Side of Vitaminwater

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