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What Is The Best Multivitamin For My Family?

Many families want to know: what is the best multivitamin for me or my family members? Pharmacy and health food store shelves are lined with many brands, lots of which assert that their version is best, but how do you choose? Consumers need to consider a number of points before making their decisions.

First of all, who is taking the vitamins? Men, children and women all require different ingredients. Moreover, pregnant women have even more precise requirements as do teens (since the latter are still growing and experiencing hormonal changes).

Secondly, what form do you prefer to take vitamins in? There are several. Many health food advocates are proponents of liquid vitamins. Although frequently more expensive than capsules, the amount absorbed by the body will be greater they argue.

Well, they also cost more, and the extra benefits are usually too minimal to warrant paying more. The good thing is that many of these contain natural extracts rather than synthetic ones; a point which a lot of advocates will tell you is an important one. But even some of the better quality multivitamin tablets are made of natural ingredients.

For small children however, liquid multivitamin may be the natural choice: they are easy to swallow and usually more palatable. Do not give kids under 24 months old vitamin supplements without consulting a doctor though.

Capsules and chewables are two more versions. These can still work very well, though frequently rely on synthetic ingredients. Some synthetic ingredients include petrochemicals that can be harmful in the long term. It is a good practice to insist on an all natural ingredients multi though slightly more costly.

No matter what you choose, remember that no multivitamin will work if you do not like taking it in that format. Getting some nutrients is better than none. Also, remember that even a full-spectrum vitamin has to be pretty big to contain everything you need for a full day all at once. Since most people would object to swallowing horse pills, expect to take two a day, not just one.

Apart from the numerous vitamins, a supplement should contain other ingredients. These include minerals, amino acids and herbs. The reason for this is that certain items work better in combination with others. For example, Vitamin C and Iron typically work well together. Vitamin D is necessary for the uptake of Calcium. Today, diet and exercise habits tend to hinder our intake of full and symbiotic nutrition.

The trouble is that synthetic is often cheaper, so this is what is most affordable. Many cheaper brands will not include as many extras or the amount of daily intake needed for the individual. Still, a lower spectrum is better than having to turn down the benefit of vitamins due to the cost.

Another way to take a wide spectrum of daily vitamins would be to include a meal replacement shake in your nutritional routine. Many of these advertise the inclusion of a certain percentage, while the most complete often incorporate many of the minerals and herbal supplements that help your vitamins work their best.

Unfortunately, as in the case of tablets, chewables and liquids, the better the product, the more you pay. Many of these shakes contain a lot of sugar too, while people with specific dietary restrictions relating to gluten or and other intolerances or choices must read carefully.

This is another point to watch out for in all products. If your vitamin contains a sweetener, what kind is it? What about gluten? Does the product contain artificial coloring or dye? As to the reason of coloring a multivitamin pill orange or green… well, it beats me. I want the nutrients not color.

Science has found ways to make thing sweet which are not necessarily good for you. Controversy around artificial sweeteners should at least make the consumer wary, especially when offering supplements to children. Meanwhile, sensitivity to the celiac and vegan markets means that the wise health food company will demonstrate inclusive policies in their products without sacrificing quality.

Your choice of multivitamin supplement is crucial. Check out all natural multivitamins at Multivitamin Review now.

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