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How do you train your back without weights or equipment? Indeed, it can be challenging, especially if you don’t even have a pull-up bar. Back exercises, and all pull exercises, are not easy to do without equipment. But it can be done.

The issue with pull exercises is that you need something you can grab to pull on. With push exercise such as push-ups and squats, for instance, only require a firm surfaced to push against.

In a previous post we covered how to train arms including biceps which also require a pull motion.

Side note: We still recommend getting a pull-up bar as they don’t cost much, and pull-ups are one of the most important compound exercises you do. Resistance bands too can help to keep you toned and conditioned.

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How can you do pull exercises without weights or equipment, not even resistance bands? One way is to use ordinary day to day objects as weights. But that would be using equipment, albeit crude, and we want to use only bodyweight. The video below shows you ways to train your back with nothing but your own bodyweight. Watch now:

Why Back Training is Important

Next to legs, the back is one of the hardest body parts to train. It’s also one of the largest and most important muscle group. That you can’t see it while training makes it somewhat more challenging: you have to “see” what you’re working with your mind’s eye. Here’s why training your back is important:

  • Overall strength: Your back is like a pillar, supporting every part of your body and itself. It is involved in virtually any movement or activity you do every day, including sleeping. If your back is weak, your body is weak.
  • Posture: A weak back often leads to poor posture and weak core overall, which in turn leads to back pain. A good posture helps you stand or sit up straight and tall, giving the impression a confidence and strength.
  • A strong back is sexy: For men it can help bring out that coveted V-shape, and for women an hourglass figure.

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